• 11 members led by Keller
    We are the oldest people, we are legends here, the people who changed the game in an incredible way, we are the people who marked a before and after, do not look for us, we will find it, we are a family.,we are loyal, we do not betray we are Legends that ...  more
  • 8 members led by ITTECH
    -=PINOY=- Clan.
    Paano sumali? mag friend request kay ITTECH, at mag pribadong mensahe sa akin ng kahit ano -basta tagalog. ganun lang kasimple. para siguradong pinoy lang ang nasa grupo.
    hindi matatanggap kung magrequest lang kayo.
  • 6 members led by BennyMusicTV
    The Legionnaires founded 4/20/18 we are closed,We are no longer recruiting.
  • 9 members led by Akzh
    Only Best.
  • 7 members led by jehfuiefhrfree
    guerreros que siempre están en las delanteras
  • 6 members led by BlueKing69
    Only professionals Requires a 2.00 KDR
  • 24 members led by LaserROBOT
  • 72 members led by T567bigmj
    I'm your leader T5 this clan is all about fun and pros :vv and getting better
  • 134 members led by jackmann
  • 11 members led by nein
    Carnage is a new, up and coming clan of professionals. We strive to be one of the best, and will pick up anyone willing to help our grind. Requires a 2.00 KDR.