• 16 members led by WhatEverBeasts
    KDR 1+
    Killstreak 20+
    If you are one of my friends i will accept the for the people that are not my friends in the game you have to request/ And you must 1v1 one of our memebers to join at least get 8 kills and your in and if no one is available you can a...  more
  • 34 members led by Fangs
    Anyone can be a killer but only we can send our foes straight down to hell. We take pride on our clean and efficient kills. You must either be a master sniper or a master of another weapon. Pledge to our group and become a master of the sins.

    Must have a...  more
  • 105 members led by DakodaGamerTV
    Become a part of the Suicide Squad!
  • 1 member led by fuj147
    The cream of the cream.
  • 3 members led by Filistinn
    “AiN" is a professional gaming team. The clan was started by zainslimshady and Deadly on 19 september 2015. Our main mission was to unite all the brothers , friends and family who wanted a place where they can be themselves and excel in the way they want ...  more
  • 8 members led by Raieny
  • 2 members led by TheSavage
  • 55 members led by Playerkill96Patriota
    ---| Wymagania |]---
    ~ ranking 1500 max !!!!
    ~ nie więcej niż 3 klany
    ~ lojalni aktywni członkowie
    ~ kdr 1,50+
  • 9 members led by blackgamer01
  • 25 members led by Vio