• 68 members led by T567bigmj
    I'm your leader T5 this clan is all about fun and pros :vv and getting better
  • 123 members led by jackmann
    We are the third division of legionnaire
    You need a kdr of 1.5 to become a Spartan and to rank up after that you need to defeat me in a 1v1 melee battle in the fointin at base.If you beat me you get 1000 credits
  • 13 members led by nein
    Carnage is a new, up and coming clan of professionals. We strive to be one of the best, and will pick up anyone willing to help our grind. Requires a 2.00 KDR.
  • 73 members led by ZIPF2
  • 14 members led by Sun
  • 48 members led by Vampiri
  • 47 members led by MachoOOF
    This group is a OOF based meme. We oof people everyday and every night(except Saturdays) If you are worthy enough to join, contact me or my MIGHTY OOFERS.
  • 8 members led by r3gr3t
    Savage, primal, and ever shifting, this is the Scarlet Chorus.
  • 4 members led by Carnage
    Only pros
    2+ KDR
  • 15 members led by OptimusPrime19
    The clan recruit Vietnamese gamers, together stir up Hurricanes!
    Clan đặc biệt chiêu mộ game thủ việt nam, cùng nhau khuấy lên Phong Vân !