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    Yeet bois
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    Admission Open , monkaS Onlyy.
    Killers Are Currently Inactive.
  • 8 members led by SebasAssesin18
    Do you want to be part of this clan? You must be capable enough to defeat me if you do feel proud because to defeat me you will have to give everything in 1v1 because it will not contain me, do not give up what we have in mind and is to be the best clan o...  more
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    -We serve God and community.
    -Founded 2/2/2019
    -This is a christian clan.
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    We are One !!!

    We stand above all.
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    Queremos solo pro, eso si, NUNCA KingS vs KingS ok?
    Rank -500
    KDR +1
    No mas de 4 clans o no sera aceptado
    Killstreak +20 pls
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    " Family is everything "