• 48 members led by xVeteran2012
    Krijuar më 14/02/19, kërkon 20+ ose ndonjë Killistreak tjetër para se të bashkohet me klanin ku mund të kërkoni për oficerë si fire131 ose TobtFox. A jeni këtu dhe dëshironi të jeni oficer? Sugjeroj dy ose tre njerëz me aftësi të mira lojrash. faleminderit
  • 3 members led by WhatEverBeasts
    KDR 1+ Kill streak 20+ To Enter You Must 1v1 One Of Our Officers Or Me To Qualify You Must Get More Than 7 In Elimination Or If You Are One Of My Friends I Might Accept / Founded 2-11-19 Must Not Have More Than 3 Clans or you will be kicked/ We Are In Top...  more
  • 30 members led by Mathgeek1003
    Yeet bois
  • 6 members led by Champion
    Grand Masters Company.
  • 12 members led by SebasAssesin08
    You want to be a strong and courageous warrior this clan is for you to be a test you have to do with my officer VeteranoCP1 and FoxyOz or with me this clan will triumph and be one of the best clans aprobecha we are recruiting very good people and you have...  more
  • 19 members led by TERMINATOR1000
    -We serve God and His holiness.
    -Founded 2/2/2019

    ...  more
  • 11 members led by HADI
    Death walks among us.
    This our is curse...
    To gather souls.

  • 50 members led by WeAllGotaDie
  • 14 members led by Killer69Pro
    -You must be good
    -You can not give up
    -You must be persistent...  more
  • 4 members led by carlosdavid979
    Queremos solo pro, eso si, NUNCA KingS vs KingS ok?
    Rank -500
    KDR +1
    No mas de 4 clans o no sera aceptado
    Killstreak +20 pls