• 135 members led by ToonBirdo
    A fun clan led by ToonBirdo. Anyone welcome!
  • 12 members led by Hellforce
    ☠ Only professionals ☠
  • 32 members led by Kronovi
    This is a BallMode league by the players for the players, it will help not only promote ballmode amoung the community but as well to implement a competitive style to it while at the same time helping them to do more frequent and fun games. If you're a bal...  more
  • 6 members led by Keller
    Founded on 21th March 2015
  • 8 members led by ITTECH
    -=PINOY=- Clan.
    Group revamp from Fun group to PRO.
    Only accepts active pinoy players. Join only if you're active -=PINOY=- player.
  • 6 members led by BennyMusicTV
    The Legionnaires founded 4/20/18 we are closed,We are no longer recruiting.
  • 12 members led by Sun
    Only Best.
  • 16 members led by jehfuiefhrfree
    guerreros que siempre están en las delanteras
  • 7 members led by BlueKing69
    Only professionals Requires a 2.00 KDR
  • 21 members led by LaserROBOT