Clan/Group Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating or editing the clan to avoid it getting deleted.
  • 10 members led by RoyalChallenger7
    We Will See Your { Participants } Profile stats and decide for your Approval ......

    * Our Clan dont need Rankings as We Are ImperiaLs
    ...  more
  • 15 members led by Ryzr
    |Tyranny of Kings|
    No requirements needed
    Enjoy the clan as it is your family.
  • 27 members led by Yuman111
    We are RONIN
  • 3 members led by Programmer
    KDR MUST BE +3
    RANK +500
  • 35 members led by Steellac
    Hey ! Clan Français pour la détente ! La Bisounours est une Team sympa ^^

    Hum.. Encore une dernière chose, "Never Say Never".

    I|I La Bisounours I|I : Créé le 20/11/19 à 14:49 en France.
  • 4 members led by phillyW
    **** Randall
  • 11 members led by Aki
  • 9 members led by xSusursJR
    We respect other clans and we behave nicely in servers! We fight for our prey and you will not let your leader down.
    Only people who I trust can make their way as an officer.If you ask you will not.
  • 23 members led by joedave39
    1. Your KDR must be 2.0 or above to join this clan
    2. Killstreak must be above 50
    3. If your KDR is not above 2.0 must challenge Clan Leader or Officer
    4. Message Joedave39 to become an officer...  more
  • 41 members led by MarekDilhof
    Come and join us :)