• 8 members led by TTKirito
    Only requirment is that you have a 1.0+ KDR

    We are here to have some fun but also to teach people what it is to play this game like a pro

    So lets have some Fun
  • 26 members led by OneShot247
  • 24 members led by xShuu
    “I will put an end to this pathetic world and its endless wars. This will be a divine action. ”

    Akatsuki Requirements:
    Just Naruto Fans.
  • 14 members led by MadKDRtho
    Royal Simps!
    No RS vs RS
    2.5kd or more
    55 killstreak or more
  • 7 members led by Kollux
    For airwolf friends only
  • 2 members led by DeadKing17
    |-CHuCky~| is a Pro Member clan,
    that will only allow a variety of Amazing
    Skilled players from around the Warmerise
    community to join.. There will be only 3 ways...  more
  • 14 members led by Notoryus
    Requeriments to join:

    ~1v1 against me or the officer
    ~Be loyal
    ~Be active
  • 8 members led by khaled26112005
    Only for pros

    ...  more
  • 5 members led by IMeNTaGoR