• 8 members led by rockyyyy
  • 17 members led by Killer69Pro
    Welcome To The Clan
    -You Must Have KDR +1,50
    -Rank Minimal 500
    -KillStreak +30...  more
  • 11 members led by carlosdavid979
    Queremos solo pro, eso si, NUNCA KingS vs KingS ok?
    Rank -500
    KDR +1
    No mas de 4 clans o no sera aceptado
    Killstreak +20 pls
  • 8 members led by salvo0707
  • 21 members led by Mikasa
    The Mythicals.
  • 17 members led by Cool1
    - only for pros
    - you need a 1.50 KDR to join the clan or are a good friend from me
    - you need a 2.00 KDR and 10k kills with one weapon to be an officer and a total of 20k kills
  • 25 members led by goby
    we are the best of the best join us n have some fun
  • 171 members led by super1990
    This group accepts any type of players (novice, regular and professional), this group does not incite the offensive with the police S.W.A.T. just join and have fun

    Este grupo acepta cualquier tipo de jugadores (novatos, regulares y profesional...  more
  • 6 members led by ImTheDoctor