• 10 members led by Raieny
  • 8 members led by Aviraxian
    We are the Synergy clan. If you are pro, just enter. This clan is your opportunity to show your strength.You are our family once you enter. Do not ask to join the clan, because only we can choose you!
    |To Join|:
    |Be a pro at sniper|
    |Have a good personali...  more
  • 5 members led by Shaitan
    KDR: +2.00 | +2.50 | +3.00
    Highest Killstreak: +40
  • 3 members led by TheSavage
    Come and enjoy the adventure of flying! All you need to join is a gravity gun and use it for killin'.
  • 28 members led by Playerkill96Patriota
    ---| Wymagania |]---
    ~ ranking 1500 max !!!!
    ~ nie więcej niż 3 klany
    ~ lojalni aktywni członkowie
    ~ kdr 1+
  • 6 members led by blackgamer01
  • 18 members led by Vio
  • 8 members led by TabuTcu
  • 10 members led by lowbro11
    if u like to kill people behind their back then join this clan :)
    note, please show this clan tag if you are playing
  • 13 members led by chunk
    This is the clan your mother would be proud to find you in.