• 4 members led by Jotic
  • 6 members led by i3slkiller
    Grupę założono dnia 2019-03-02

    Od razu mówię, że nie przyjmuję byle kogo do tej grupy. Przyjmuje do niej Polaków mających tu konto od 3 miesięcy ogarniętych choć trochę w tej grze.

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  • 41 members led by tranhungtran19112017
    Clan is only for those who have kdr on 1.80 or Highest Killstreak on 30. This is an open clan, but it is forbidden to scold each other. Clan only for pro.Be strong, defeat all enemies and become pro.
    You can fight a guild member when he is on another team...  more
  • 24 members led by auu0000
    highest Kill streak=25+
    if u want to join this clan so 1vs1 with me or my 1 officer
  • 4 members led by killermelon
    Impress us.

    We are pros and only pros. If you do not consider yourself a pro this is not the clan for you.
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  • 57 members led by xVeteran2012
    Krijuar më 14/02/19, kërkon 20+ ose ndonjë Killistreak tjetër para se të bashkohet me klanin ku mund të kërkoni për oficerë si xZerok ose fire131 ose TobtFox ose DESTRUCTORSEBAS28. A jeni këtu dhe dëshironi të jeni oficer? Sugjeroj dy ose tre njerëz me af...  more
  • 4 members led by WhatEverBeasts
    KDR 1+ Kill streak 20+ To Enter You Must 1v1 One Of Our Officers Or Me To Qualify You Must Get More Than 7 In Elimination Or If You Are One Of My Friends I Might Accept / Founded 2-11-19 Must Not Have More Than 3 Clans or you will be kicked/ We Are In Top...  more
  • 31 members led by Mathgeek1003
    Yeet bois
  • 6 members led by deathshot98
    A Group Of Family Built On Brotherhood .... Status : Open , Lead By: Deathshot98 , Founded : Feb 7 2019
  • 58 members led by DepredadorRichy09
    Este grupo admite a cualquier player y solo se busca la lealtad y el trabajo en equipo

    Welcome to the clan. This clan is respectful of honor and healthy rivalry. and I want to congratulate you for choosing such a good clan