Clan Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Clan Name, Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Clan Names, Profile Pictures or Descriptions
- No Copying / Impersonating other Clan Names, Descriptions or Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan, to avoid conflicts. Clans that repeatedly break the rules will be removed.
  • 22 members led by migma
    We are the Defenders if somone is being toxic on a server It is your duty to defend the person he is being toxic to . We never back down from a fight .

    inorder to get into this clan you must have a killstreak of 5 ,you must not be toxic.
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  • 6 members led by kiahkanekoa
    Must have a Kdr of 1.30 or higher to join only for
    ~{Pro's}~ and ~{Gods}~ not for Noobs we are not the best but we will try to be
  • 12 members led by iCrusher
    Invisible Killer.

    Application closes 4/28/2021
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  • 6 members led by kiahkanekoa
    Must have a Kdr of 1.30 or higher this is only for
    ~[Gods]~ And ~[Pro's]~
  • 20 members led by LightningStorm
    Let's make Warmerise a better place like it used to be. We will make Warmerise wealthy again, we will make Warmerise strong again, we will make Warmerise safe again, and we will make Warmerise GREAT again!

    Let's keep Warmerise great again by keeping it ...  more
  • 24 members led by BMO
    Application stops working
  • 8 members led by Rexion
  • 14 members led by UDKmarineshooter
    Requirements: KDR: 1.7+, Killstreak: 50-70.
    Rank 1500-. You must be pro that is all.
  • 6 members led by DPXTSharpshooter
    We are not the best nor the greatest,but we choose to fight and survive..we don't worship our enemys,we bring them down and destroy them with our own might.we don't offer mercy..In this world we fight for survival and every fight has an ending...and in th...  more
  • 53 members led by Humman
    Gracias por entrar al Clans este clans es para jugadores que quieren ganar partidas este clans es el idear etraste ahora comiensa a ganar ****