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    This group is a OOF based meme. We oof people everyday and every night(except Saturdays) If you are worthy enough to join, contact me or my MIGHTY OOFERS.
  • 8 members led by r3gr3t
    Savage, primal, and ever shifting, this is the Scarlet Chorus.
  • 5 members led by Carnage
    Only pros
    2+ KDR
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    The clan recruit Vietnamese gamers, together stir up Hurricanes!
    Clan đặc biệt chiêu mộ game thủ việt nam, cùng nhau khuấy lên Phong Vân !
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    people who were bored did this
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    we fight in the shadows and we fight for the usa
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    This is a Warrior Clan
    only for chosen warriors

    Those who do not follow the rules will be banished...  more
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    Welcome to the clan [|Baron]| you wanna Join You must have 1.80+ KDR You can have 3 Clans Maximum.

    GL BlueKing69 ~
    Founded 25/12/2017
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