• 5 members led by Superhuman
    Anyone who thinks they are good can join.
    No killstreaks just anyone.
  • 8 members led by Cygnus
  • 10 members led by LoreX
  • 9 members led by Xaroy
    Only for professionals
  • 6 members led by ToonYoshi
    We are The Beam Team! We are Pros with the PlasmaGun, RailRifle, and the GravityGun! You MUST have at least ONE of the mentioned weapons to be able to join in here!
  • 17 members led by xReaper
    Welcome to the Darkest Society of all Nations. We are Rogues that tremble upon the world as we seize all darkness and inhale it to become invincible. We exist to destroy and bring judgement on those who think they are superior enough to call themselves Pr...  more
  • 19 members led by xBlitz
    We are Salty and we are Plebs join us now
  • 6 members led by HADI
    We seek Destruction.

    KDR= 2.2...  more
  • 38 members led by TaTa999
    We will fight together.
  • 2 members led by J4ZLK2ES
    We like Europe, but we do NOT want to be governed by a non Democratic system.

    When requesting to join the BREXIT clan, could you also please specify what your views on the BREXIT situation are? Ta muchly.