• 2 members led by tranhungtran19112017
    Clan is only for those who have kdr on 2 and Highest Killstreak on 35. This is an open clan, but it is forbidden to scold each other. Clan only for pro
  • 10 members led by auu0000
    highest Kill streak=25+
    if u want to join this clan so 1vs1 with me or my 1 officer
  • 4 members led by killermelon
    Impress us.

    You will need to beat KillerMelon in 1v1 combat
  • 37 members led by xVeteran2012
    Krijuar më 14/02/19, kërkon 20+ ose ndonjë Killistreak tjetër para se të bashkohet me klanin ku mund të kërkoni për oficerë si xZerok ose fire131 ose TobtFox. A jeni këtu dhe dëshironi të jeni oficer? Sugjeroj dy ose tre njerëz me aftësi të mira lojrash. ...  more
  • 4 members led by WhatEverBeasts
    KDR 1+ Killstreak 20+ To Enter You Must 1v1 One Of Our Officers Or Me To Qualify You Must Get More Than 7 In Elemination Or If You Are One Of My Friends I Might Accept / Founded 2-11-19
  • 17 members led by Mathgeek1003
    Yeet bois
  • 6 members led by xxTheBeast
    So Far So Good .. Good Luck .... Status : Open , Lead By: XXtheBeast , Founded : 7/2/2019
  • 40 members led by DepredadorRichy09
    Este grupo admite a cualquier player y solo se busca la lealtad y el trabajo en equipo

    Welcome to the clan. This clan is respectful of honor and healthy rivalry. and I want to congratulate you for choosing such a good clan
  • 8 members led by TERMINATOR1000
    We serve God and His holiness.
    Founded 2/2/2019

    ...  more
  • 6 members led by HADI
    Death walks among us.
    This our is curse...
    Back from the grave...
    The grave cannot hold us....  more