• 5 members led by killercow
    Just Mines and Run ppl.

    Founded 11/06/19

    Our Goal here is to tick as many people off as possible.
  • 15 members led by Superhuman
    If you pro you join. We envy and destroy the members that we dislike. JOIN IF YOU ARE PRO

    2.6 KDR and above
    40+ killstreak
  • 6 members led by xToxic
    -If you want our clan, you must be a professional sniper.
    - Only 3 clans
  • 7 members led by PasingNea
    El clan pro, según yo xd
  • 64 members led by Jrxkylerpi
    For fun
    Multiclanning is allowed
  • 9 members led by JoseContre11
    King of Snipers

    Requirements to join:
    KDR: +2.00...  more
  • 33 members led by Macskelek
    go,go join pls XD
  • 3 members led by elifawkes
    In Kek We Trust!
  • 12 members led by brexione12
    I welcome people with a
    *sense of humor

    *Confidence ...  more
  • 87 members led by Dyscret
    At Ultimate, we focus on teamwork and performance.

    ✓ Free-to-join
    ✓ Multi-clanning is okay
    ✓ N...  more