• SONIC122

    Dark Reader or no?

    Posted by SONIC122 September 27 - 5 votes - 43 views
    Which is better, Dark Reader on or off? I will post pictures of what they look like on my home page if u wanna look

    lan dau tao vote

    Posted by xSHMORE September 27 - 6 votes - 34 views
    lan dau tao vote
  • Talha

    A new Game

    Posted by Talha September 26 - 16 votes - 44 views
    Im programming a mmo rpg, for fun right now. Im collecting ideas and first didint tought about publishing. Sothat you know how it looks like, its my own version of Metin2. I will be finished in 1 months because i have to do everything alone. Do you think i should publish the game? And if yes, why?
  • Jasonthekiller

    i am Puzzled !

    Posted by Jasonthekiller September 26 - 13 votes - 54 views
    i change photo profile or like this good?
  • Spyzy


    Posted by Spyzy September 26 - 19 votes - 38 views
    Is nexcu gonna beat jdi or jdi gonna beat nexcuse

    just do it vs dont do it

    Posted by CJDIA September 26 - 22 votes - 39 views
    what is the best clan of just do it and dont do it


    Posted by LUCIFER23 September 26 - 15 votes - 38 views
  • BloodDestroyer

    Don't Drop The Soap

    Posted by BloodDestroyer September 26 - 15 votes - 17 views
    Don't Drop Da Soap Man
  • BlueNinja

    Voice Actor?!?

    Posted by BlueNinja September 26 - 58 votes - 45 views
    Should I become a voice actor for anime shows?
  • akrambd13

    help i am new

    Posted by akrambd13 September 26 - 9 votes - 37 views
    guys help me i am new and i am not toxic i just want to get fun in this game plz if you have a little monay give it to me plz.