• he11b0y

    who would win?

    Posted by he11b0y May 31 - 16 votes - 55 views
  • lavan

    Should i make more videos? :\

    Posted by lavan May 31 - 29 votes - 57 views


    Posted by AIRFOXX May 30 - 12 votes - 41 views
    tell me a best weapon to play with PLEASE VOTE IT PLEASE #STAYSAFE
  • Dispater

    What weapon can counter the stg?

    Posted by Dispater May 30 - 44 votes - 63 views
    Shotgun and STG are the most powerful weapons in small maps with no long range. When some people use it you will die a lot because even if you have the best gameplay you will not be able to dodge their bullets. What weapon is the best against shotguns?
  • pacogames2


    Posted by pacogames2 May 30 - 17 votes - 31 views
    so blastgun and blast shotgun which one better??
  • DeathxxSoul

    Help with gravity pls

    Posted by DeathxxSoul May 30 - 5 votes - 50 views
    Can please someone **** transfer me 10k please i need it very much
  • Hamoody


    Posted by Hamoody May 29 - 17 votes - 44 views
    who can help me to buy 2guns then i will help you for 2guns add me then tell me in the chat i need to buy RailRifle and Gravity gun
  • BlueNinja


    Posted by BlueNinja May 29 - 50 votes - 79 views
    Should Max bring back the clasic Vector from old Warmerise?
  • pacogames2


    Posted by pacogames2 May 29 - 21 votes - 41 views
    MINI-G and Revolver which one better?
  • BlackRussian


    Posted by BlackRussian May 29 - 25 votes - 76 views
    You like it when you're playing quiet, quiet but you kill someone and they insult you, they say annoying words to you that you offend, do you think that's fair?