• zombieboy14

    How often do you guys play warmerise?

    Posted by zombieboy14 March 17 - 30 votes - 52 views
  • KevinWha


    Posted by KevinWha March 17 - 12 votes - 47 views
    Hello. Should Jets on Warmerise be free like before or should they stay like how they are now, being able to buy the Jet Pass with HeadShot Coins? Remember you're opinion is important!
  • qr543737890000

    I'm a noob?

    Posted by qr543737890000 March 17 - 14 votes - 57 views
  • SpaghettiSouls

    It Is Time

    Posted by SpaghettiSouls March 17 - 7 votes - 19 views
    It is time for it to happen. Will you join? Or will you not join? The Spaghetti Awaits.
  • Future757Fantasy51

    xRaess leave me alone

    Posted by Future757Fantasy51 March 16 - 9 votes - 45 views
    I know ur reading this xRaess now fock off dude ur very annoying
  • LongK7Pro

    Which browser are you using?

    Posted by LongK7Pro March 16 - 25 votes - 63 views
    Before play 3 years without use browser yet
  • Dyscret

    New gamemode: Corona

    Posted by Dyscret March 16 - 12 votes - 52 views
    Petition to develop a Corona-Virus mode, including coughing in the enemy's face, and dying due to trouble breathing. Special skill: Quarantine - use this skill to put an enemy into a 30 second quarantine Preferably free-for-all (no teams).
  • ainoru

    pls tell how to fix lag think my guy

    Posted by ainoru March 15 - 3 votes - 34 views
    this is first time playing this game then cod moder warfare but yeah
  • walidou

    Ban Raees ?

    Posted by walidou March 15 - 21 votes - 54 views
    xRaees and Raaeespatolivloigsyt are so toxic and insult people by his 2 accs. Like " Go to hell My stupd child ". He also spam a lot!. They really needs to be banned.
  • KonfusioN

    Am I toxic?

    Posted by KonfusioN March 12 - 45 votes - 95 views
    I am making a poll for a reason called I am bored. And numerous people have told me that I am toxic.