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Bruce Lee Using Lightsaber Nunchucks

Posted by BlueDragonFire
Chuck Norris Would Destroy Bruce Lee In A Spitting Contest
Posted September 9, 2019
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  • StarWarsCrazy
    StarWarsCrazy We miss you!
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  • mattyspectrum
    mattyspectrum Joseph with a skirt part 2?
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  • BlueDragonFire
    BlueDragonFire I miss you guys too! -- @ matty - You know, I think I still have that model. I'll have to check tomorrow and post it in the forum. In some, um, "interesting" pose. That shouldn't be too difficult for my computer since it's only the one model. heh, heh, heh
    September 9, 2019
  • CaptainJoseph
    CaptainJoseph Hey BDF! I'm glad to see you again! The whole clan misses you! Ocean in particular asked me to tell you that she misses you! You should come hang out in our discord server. I see you have an account but you might not have access to it anymore. IF that is ...  more
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