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From 1992 compilation album: "A Very Special Christmas 2" Get RUN-DMC's Music: & The three members of Run-D.M.C. grew up in the neighborhood of Hollis in the Queens borough of New York City, USA. As a teen, Joseph Simmons was recruited by his older brother, an up and coming hip-hop promoter named Russell Simmons, to be the onstage DJ for rapper Kurtis Blow--who was managed by Russell. Performing as "DJ Run, Son of Kurtis Blow," the younger Simmons soon began trading rhymes with Kurtis Blow and beat-boxing for the audience. He would often come back to Hollis and play his taped performances for his friend Darryl McDaniels. Previously, McDaniels had been more focused on athletics than music, but soon began to DJ after purchasing a set of turntables. Simmons convinced McDaniels to start rapping, and though McDaniels wouldn't perform in public, he soon began writing rhymes and calling himself "Easy D." Simmons and McDaniels (who, over time, had overcome his early stage fright) started hanging around Two-Fifths Park in Hollis in late 1980, hoping to rap for the local DJs that performed and competed there. The most popular local DJ at the park was a youngster named Jason "Jazzy Jase" Mizell. Mizell was known for his flashy wardrobe and b-boy attitude; but had had troubles with the law as a teen. He'd decided to pursue music full-time and began entertaining in the park soon after. Eventually, Simmons and McDaniels rapped in front of Mizell at the park and the three were immediate friends. Following Russell's success managing Kurtis Blow, he helped Run record his first single, a song called "Street Kid." The song went unnoticed, but despite the single's failure, Run's enthusiasm for music was growing. He wanted to record again—this time with his co-hort Easy D; but Russell refused, citing a dislike for D's rhyming style. After they completed high school and started college in 1982, Simmons and McDaniels finally convinced Russell to let them record as a duo, and they recruited Mizell (who now called himself 'Jam-Master Jay') to be their official DJ. A year later, in 1983, Russell agreed to help them record a new single and land a record deal; but only after he changed D's name to 'DMC' and christened the group 'Run-D.M.C.'--a name, incidentally, that the group hated. DMC said later, We wanted to be the Dynamic Two, the Treacherous Two — when we heard that [crap], we was like, Were gonna be ruined! Every turning point in American music has its originator, its progenitor, its King. The blues had W.C. Handy and jazz had Louis Armstrong. Swing had Benny Goodman and bebop had Charlie Parker. Rhythm and blues had Ray Charles and rock and roll had Elvis Presley. Punk rock had the Stooges and disco had Barry White. And hip-hop had Run-DMC and always will, with their uncompromised vision and attitude, as laid out on their formative albums and singles, serving as the DNA of rap music for more than two decades and counting. From the first beats of 1983's "It's Like That," their debut single, Run-DMC ignited a revolution that brought hip-hop into the front-line, across television barriers, into the RIAA platinum realm, and straight ahead to the mash-ups that are today's new frontiers of rap and rock. It all starts with Run-DMC's first 4 albums, 1980s classics which have been newly remastered as expanded editions with multiple bonus tracks a total of 17 tracks between them, including demos, live performances, single B sides, remixes, spiels, and radio spots, most of which are previously unreleased. Arriving in stores September 6th on Profile/Arista/Legacy, are deluxe digipaks of RUN-D.M.C. (1984), the 20th anniversary special edition of KING OF ROCK (1985), RAISING HELL (1986), and TOUGHER THAN LEATHER (1988). The accomplishments of Run-DMC Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell are unparalleled: • The first rap act to have a #1 R&B charting rap album • The first rap act to have a Top 10 pop charting rap album • The first rap act to earn RIAA gold, platinum, and multi-platinum albums • The first rap act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine • The first rap act to receive a Grammy Award nomination • The first rap act to have a video added to MTV • The first rap act to appear on Saturday Night Live and American Bandstand • The first rap act to win crossover appeal with rock and hip-hop fans • The only rap act to perform at Live Aid in 1985 • AND the first rap act signed to an athletic product endorsement deal Extended & updated info here:
Posted December 16, 2020
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