star wars || all my friends are heathens

Posted by ethesoldier
K so I fell in love with this song on the radio and I had this weird inspiration strike. I wanted to have the word "heathens" refer to the loved ones that have gone to the Dark Side and having this video be told by the Light Side's POV.. sort of.... The people on the Light Side aka Luke, Han, Leia.. etc. have lost loved ones to the Dark Side. They try to steer clear from the people that they love who are currently their enemies, for instance Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. There are constant reminders of those who were lost to the Dark Side. Kylo and Anakin stir trouble for the opposing side. It comes to the point where Luke, Han, Leia, Finn, Rey, Obi Wan etc. are taken to extreme measures, and cross silver linings they didn't want to cross. They end up fighting back, fighting against the Dark Side because they've finally had the point where the "good guys" lose their self-control. It is the moment when they are on the verge of following the darker path they refuse to follow. The moment they realize that they aren't all that different from their enemies. The moment when Palpatine smiles. Song: Heathens - twenty one pilots Hope you guys enjoy!! :)) #starwars #starwarsedit
Posted June 29, 2021
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