How to protect your PC against main battle tanks

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Play World of Tanks for free: Use the code TANKMANIA to get the Excelsior tank, 250k credits, 7 days premium access, and 3 rental tanks for 10 battles each: - Cromwell Berlin - Tiger 131 - T-34-85M *Only applicable to new players. The rapid development of main battle tank technologies such as reactive and composite armor has only increased the dangers of owning a computer. The Leclerc is no exception; with Napoleon's blood in its veins, the Leclerc succeeds the infamous cavalry rush with a 120mm long rod APFSDS tungsten kinetic penetrator to the face. With main battle tanks possessing greater range and mobility than before, knowing proper defensive and offensive tactics to protect your computer is critical. In this video, we will demonstrate how a baguette can be used as improvised anti-tank ammunition as well as explain the effectiveness of other approaches such as armoring your computer and the use of scorched earth retreating policies. 0:00 World of Tanks 0:40 Can Modern Main Battle Tanks Defend Against a Baguette?
Posted September 19
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