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    A clan for skilled players together we will dominate the field and lay waste to our rivals
    -We are envied We are dreaded We are FearTactic-
    -----NO MULTICLAN-----
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    We spill the blood needed to be spilled in battle. We know that it is our business.
    That's how we work; With war!

    We are blood thirsty killers. We fight for loyalty and strength. We fight for what is right....  more
  • 8 members led by BigDKiller
    War is good. Killing is good. Life is good.

    -How to Join:

    Have bought at least 2 items.
  • 13 members led by HADSONG
    Expert Players/Insane Kills

    Clan privado para jugadores avanzados... si quieres ser miembro solo necesitas experiencia y una buena racha!!

    Creado el 13/5/2017
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    Por la gloria de la humanidad.
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    Welcom to r!ot

    ...  more
  • |w|

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    bf is offline.
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    Game Over. You Lose :)
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