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    We are just one big family. A group of silly brothers that fight to have fun and for what is right. Don't hesitate to join us!

    Made by the owner of Blood Squadron.
  • 16 members led by rayvenflame
    A clan for skilled players together we will dominate the field and lay waste to our rivals
    -We are envied We are dreaded We are FearTactic-
  • 15 members led by StarWarsCrazy
    We spill the blood needed to be spilled in battle. We know that it is our business.
    That's how we work; With war!

    We are blood thirsty killers. We fight for loyalty and strength. We fight for what is right....  more
  • 11 members led by BigDKiller
    War is good. Killing is good. Life is good.

    -How to Join:

    Have bought at least 2 items.
  • 52 members led by AbdulahiAdan22
    Welcome to Storm
    Join for free.
  • 12 members led by dawg22
    Yo black flag is back if u think u can make this clan proud join it we are the pirates of warmerise joining this means not letting us down i am your captain jordan is my first hand
  • 1 member led by Immortal
    Game Over. You Lose :)
  • 11 members led by Shadow
  • 31 members led by Lockdown
    «Cuando la tiranía es un hecho, la revolución es un deber».
    Nuestras únicas armas son la justicia y la lealtad.
    Luchamos para aquellos que lo necesiten.
    Si peleas por la misma causa, este es tu sitio.
  • 7 members led by Xans
    I myself ask for forgiveness for all the pain I brought to my members.
    Goodbye Warmerise, I take my leave. I wish all of you the best of luck in life. Take care!