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    Welcome to Storm
    Join for free.
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    Yo black flag is back if u think u can make this clan proud join it we are the pirates of warmerise joining this means not letting us down i am your captain jordan is my first hand
  • 1 member led by Immortal
    Game Over. You Lose :)
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    «Cuando la tiranía es un hecho, la revolución es un deber».
    Nuestras únicas armas son la justicia y la lealtad.
    Luchamos para aquellos que lo necesiten.
    Si peleas por la misma causa, este es tu sitio.
  • 7 members led by Xans
    I myself ask for forgiveness for all the pain I brought to my members.
    Goodbye Warmerise, I take my leave. I wish all of you the best of luck in life. Take care!
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    Official clan for applicants of Hell. If you want to join Hell clan first join here and take your test.
    Send request only if you want to join Hell clan, if you just want to join for be in 21 clan instead of 20 then dont bother us with your request.
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    Invisble gang Duels and play.
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    Unete A Nuestro Grupo De Fc Y Se Parte De Nuestra Familia