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    Gente exclusiva de BeGone
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    The tiger and the lion may be more powerfull...... But the Wolf does not perform in the circus
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    ポム ペン コン ジープンとして

    あるいは高波さざ波に秘めたる秩序 ”回転”より...  more
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    One of the most famous and skilled clans is back.
    We welcome all of our old members but we also recruiting new players for the clan.
    Good luck and have fun :v
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    A home full of speed and strength built on trust.
  • PVV

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    PVV is de beste dat weten we allemaal!!!!!
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    Killing is our business, and business is GOOD!!!!

    Murder inc. is not accepting new members at this time. If you are a former member, request to join and Chrono will let you in immediately.
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