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    We are blood thirsty killers. We fight for loyalty and strength.

    If you want to join check out are forum and then, if you meet those requirements, send us a request.
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    Blessed are they that walk the path of infinite possibilities. - We Are Sporadic. Never Forgotten.
  • 5 members led by BigDKiller
    War is good. Killing is good. Life is good.

    -How to Join:

    Have bought at least 2 items.
  • 22 members led by HADSONG
    Expert Players/Insane Kills

    Clan abierto para todos quienes querais hacer parte de este clan, esta familia... EPIK
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    ⒼⓂⒸ⋙Grand Masters Company⋘ⒼⓂⒸ
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    Welcome to |[Ninja Style]| soldiers in this clan there will be no racism no being enemies always help out others who are on this clan if you see they are having trouble in sky or any other stuff they are having trouble with. And most important have fun.

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    if you want to join this clan you should talk to jordan324.
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    Do not believe us.JustWatch.