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fake unregisterd thesnake01

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    February 1, 2021 10:28 AM PST

    hi guys im reporting it coz in area51 map there is fake guy who copied the real registerd fav player name is thesnake01,he copied his name coz ik why,imagine if u spectate thesnake01 and the unknown player loses in base map with more players and thesnake's team won,the fake thesnake01 decided to take revenge and be toxic to every1,also penguin has some ss i think coz he can ss it well if u dont know if he can the fake thesnake01 said "shut up" to me and be toxic he also kick me coz i said to him "u r toxic,liar" and he said "shut up assassins" and he is very toxic omg he shouldnt do dat coz ik toxic player's moves they copy registerd member's name/fav name/original name,like he said shut up few times and your *** is friends with the fake thesnake01 and he vote kick me as well coz he wants me to be nice to him and he will be nice to me but no its already too late im not gonna be friend with him coz he is toxic to me,xpenguin show some ss of the fake thesnake01 who said shut up coz its true and i do not know how do i ss it,if u see my message and u know how to ss it,plz tell me how to ss it i need to know and i need to learn ok