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  • April 6, 2021


    uuuuuu max it seems that everyone hates you I hate you too you know I ise a group did not give me any ***** a group costs 25000 I say if I sell my group they do not give me the full ***** if not that only 10000 or 15000 they stole a profile from me His name was Adriandark I thought I was going to pass something but I don't think you stayed with the crusados ​​brasos you didn't attend anything that's why people leave the game because I'm not the only one who stole his account this profile is only 5% of what They steal it from me and I'm thinking of letting the game register, but if you just pay attention, a lot of people report or block them but I don't see anything happening to them
    I just said I thought you had a system untihackes ***** the system is well protected balla what system
    If I want I can learn to be a hacker and I will not search on the internet how to be an easy hacker I can go to a library I look for some books that appear to be one thing but it is another thing libos for but only that you disguise you know what I speak enonses think about that you make improvements the system and put better graphics or stop doing this game