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A SURPRISING/SHOCKING thing happened a couple hours ago. As you all may know, I had made a warmerise gameplay/montage video yesterday. Now, some of you may be wondering where I got the music/instrumental from. It is actually a rap song called "Neva Cared" by a rapper named Polo G (he's the guy in my video's thumbnail). He is actually one of my favorite artists to listen to right now. After releasing the video on YouTube, I actually posted a short clip of my gameplay on Instagram. In fact, I also posted that clip on my story on Instagram and I tagged Polo G. When you tag someone, they get a notification for being tagged. Now, he is someone famous so I'm sure he gets tagged in ALOT of stuff and does be getting a ton of notifications from that and won't be able to see everything. Now, on instagram, you can see who sees your story. As I clicked to see who saw my story, well what you know, POLO G LOOKED AT MY POST! In fact, it SHOWED that he CLICKED on the video and WATCHED THE WARMERISE VIDEO that I posted on Instagram! That ABSOLUTELY blew my mind AWAY! This wasn't a fake account, this was the legit account with the "blue verification check". Who knows, he might hop on to play some Warmerise lol.