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ive finally did it. solved the superman178 case. i still have one more thing to investigate though, its who sent him.
it started in around march with the account "xChaosisadbzfanboy" the person was mostly targetting me instead of any girls. he made a huge scene on mikaylas "i will be gone for 22 days." post. while she said she was going to come back on april 4th. and yes, i remember the post. while everyone was saying goodbye, he dropped in. he was talking about how me and mikayla were dating. which is not true. we are friends. that is all. he kept cursing at her and harassing her for no reason. after that, he went inactive, and before he went inactive, he said that theres more coming. i wish i couldve told you, but i though you guys dident care. so i tried to deal with it myself.
at the end of april, johnnyisthebest came in. he did the same thing. he made a scene on a poll. just know this saga was long. very long. than on may 9th, superman178 came in. he did the exact thing as johnny.
so, conclusion? this is not johnny. this is someone else. these 3 accounts arent the same person. its like a group of these guys. and the group keeps growing. this is what happened in march btw: