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Players please be careful and protect yourself and your family!!!!!!!

Hi players, yesterday the government declared a state of emergency and therefore a restriction of movement, a nationwide lockdown applies in Slovakia, the daily maximum increased yesterday, 10315 which is the most since the beginning of the pandemic, hospitals are full and they can't handle it, they have to decide who connects to the ventilation , the state may turn off white medicine .. when there will be a larger influx of hospitals so they will have to transport our patients to other states, yesterday military rescuers came to help in the fight against the pandemic...

The president has announced that Slovakia is losing the fight against the pandemic and people do not want to be vaccinated. Now that we have a lockdown and a state of emergency, all shopping centers are closed, and this also applies to electronics stores.
We are only allowed to enter nearby groceries and pharmacies

lockdown is to last three weeks and also for vaccinated people, the next day in a row the Slovak Republic reports high numbers of infected yesterday it was 10315 and today 25.11. In 2021 another 10165 were infected