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Hey guys I'm leaving warmerise. cause I have problems and other better important things than be playing all day like an *****. my mxm tried deleting my acc but she didn't. so now I'm here telling you guys goodbye. I'll maybe be back or maybe not. that's my mxm's decision. I'm sorry guys but yea cya. Btw thank you guys elguitarista, Mikayla, Nichole, Wha5up...(others) but especially I thank you very very much Zxple you helped me so much, bro. I will never forget you I love you bro and thank you so much. And Brook76 thank you too I love you so much hope you don't forget me. Thank you all bye have a good days/nights. Goodbye :)
  • Yuto
    Yuto :v
    May 16
  • Talha
    Talha you blocked me when i wanted to help you is that not enaugh? and you alaways comment against my posts or comments
    May 16
  • xNelson
    xNelson good bye bro i saw this post very late
    May 16
  • BrandonG13
    BrandonG13 Guys come on stop fighting. You know i worked so a lot on this acc. and now i'm leaving. What y'all are just gon'do is fight? bruh please if your not gonna say nice things then. goodbye i will block you.