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Lol this toxic kid started calling everyone "noobs" just because he was slain xD

Also when I said that he isnt better even he use "mine running tactic" he was in rage.. he said that my mom is mine running xD
And more than that his kdr was below 1 (in this match)

I am a bit tired last times.. so Im not soo good as I was earlier so he was lucky, that he was stolen from me by other players sometimes :D

Guys, dont pe puzziez. Dont talk trash ONLY BECAUSE YOU WAS KILLED BY SOMEWHO. Its just a game.
(But you can troll some players, if they are toxic, such as Kazuya or thesenuts)

Peace, dudes and dudeness.
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  • Assault
    Assault should I send this screen/post to Max?
    April 13, 2020