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Guys i have super pro player of this game what u all noticed pls tell me
If u can't then lemme explain it
ughmm So this is very clever player of this game so see his grav kills and xp
Cpw,carbine,rail rifle ,plasma still not understand so see this guy make private server and hire some bots and say them i will give u **** and u will give me kills and all killstreak and see if anyone have above 9k kills have too much of xp see i have 5k kills but i have more xp than this guy so this guy chits everyone by saying he is more pro than us we are fare players not like this bot
  • Ninjamurai313
    Ninjamurai313 XScooterinto (camping with shield): No one call kill me

    Me (boss music starts playing): I am no one

    (Shoots toe)
    August 6, 2021
  • XScooterinto100
    XScooterinto100 Ya u r ultra legend pro max
    August 6, 2021