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The True Guide To Warmerise (TTGTW) Chapter 2

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    March 11, 2021 12:49 PM PST

    This article has different chapters, if you want to see what happend last time of this, go and see this link:  There is 1-4 parts in each chapter. Now, let us begin. 

    Part 3 (1) : Researching Pt.1

    Your probably thinking, "Ad, what does this part have to do with the game?" And I would say.. "I dunno I just thought of this in my head" Anyways, this would be usefull in server hopping or server finding. First thing! Go on every server with a different region, then mark the FPS and Ping you get. The region server with the lowest FPS and Ping wins. Stick to that region server kinds. 

    Part 4 (2) : PVP Tip (this probably wont work but just try it)

    PVP is the main thing in the game, and its probably good to talk about how to be good at it. So, lets get into into it. Item Combos. Have you ever seen the stats of a gun? No you probably didn't since you only copied someone while only thinking about how the gun goes funny pew pew. BUUUT! Have you known what Stat Combos are? They're any 3 guns that have good enough stats to mix together and make ONE GIANT STAT GUN! Once you get your hands on good stat guns you can litteraly PG3D 3CATSPAM combo them and destroy your opponets and dominate the battlefield!

    Part 5 (3) : Mobility

    Mobility is a big thing that everyone needs. One thing your thinking about in mobility is sprint and gravity gun. But once you run out, you have to wait a looong time to regenerate it. But have I ever told you about one thing that makes that 2x faster? Crouching. Crouching is stealthy, which everybody knows, but did you know it speeds up the stamina bar 2x when your crouching than when your standing up? Thats a feat. It can help in taking cover while regaining energy to run like the wind. You can even combo that with the Gravity Gun! Thats pretty awesome if you ask me.

    Thats the end. I'm too tired to talk about keybinds. Sorry!  FIN.

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