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What is your favorite gun?

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    November 1, 2021 4:06 PM PDT

    Good morning ! The purpose of this forum topic is to give your opinion on your favorite weapon.

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    November 1, 2021 4:13 PM PDT

    My Favourite gun is the L115A3 . Although I think I am better with the plasmagun, the L115A3 is still very good and above all it is free! Because if I sell my guns (to buy a better one and then return it to buy another one until I have no more ***** ... yes it's stupid to change my mind), I will have the L115A3 which is one of the most powerful.

    In addition, this weapon is very fun to use.

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    November 1, 2021 5:48 PM PDT

    My Favorite gun is The M2 machine gun or Browning .50 caliber machine gun is a heavy machine gun designed toward the end of World War I by John Browning. Its design is similar to Browning's earlier M1919 Browning Machine Gun, which was chambered for the .30-60 cartridge. The M2 uses the much larger and much more powerful 50.BMG  (12.7 mm) cartridge, which was developed alongside and takes its name from the gun itself (BMG standing for Browning machine gun). It has been referred to as "Ma Deuce",in reference to its M2 nomenclature. The design has had many specific designations; the official US military designation for the current infantry type is Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB, Flexible. It is effective against infantry, unarmored or lightly armored vehicles and boats, light fortifications, and low-flying aircraft. 

    In addition, It is very fun to use.