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    June 18, 2022 1:52 PM PDT

    I been playing "Cyberpunk 2077" for 2 weeks now. Also got 28" 4K monitor but honestly not that much of a difference. I believe Cyberpunk is truly an Epic game of 2020s. It is not multiplayer yet, but I hope it will be, however browsing the city is good enought just like that to shoot all the nasty punks to get their gear and sell it. NPC characters are great. This "Smart Sniper Rifle" is my favorite so far. It has guiding projectile, but it is one shot only and you got to reaload big bullet each time. Some punks got some cyber mods and dodge bullets or hide and this smart sniper bullet can often get them when they hiding and quickly pop their head out and it does get them from a larger distance too or if they run for cover. I got the super heavy sniper too. Upgrading any gun is the Key in Cyberpunk but sometimes if you need to buy components you got to quit the game and wait two days to play again for the component to appear again in any of the gun stores. I  am suggesting Max to let me know if he smart enough to order Smart Rifle from me. I can design it and cheap for 250 us.d. and he can order and pay trough fiverr or upwork to make all legit. It will be Official ONLY Warmerise Gun and similar in a way to this one ( like having fat barrel like big *** silencer and big bolt and unusual scope ), but he has to tell me what FBX file size he wants. And he has to program the bullet and animations with a puff airblow sound because this rifle sounds like some blow dart rifle. And he can program some basic smoke puff short trail or like some white Plasma like following ray. And the KEY is that this SMART SHORTY RIFLE and I can make it short, and it can be Secondary and selected instead of a Handgun, because it is not effective for super long distance, but works for just regular long distance or up close, and it is one shot only and reload can take more time then usual. And then he can make a POST that anybody who submits a CYBER STYLE MAP will earn enough XP to buy it ( and it should be expensive to keep many people playing so game would have players online ) , but he has to manually approve the map even if it is downvoted by haters it is still inside the account folder of the creator. And I also love one special grenade, when you throw it there, it starts shooting lasers in all directions and hurts a group of punks really good and if they not heavily modified with cyber stuff they die quick. For another 250 us. d. I can design a special WM Crate and a grenade and Max can put such grenades to be accessible by getting them from the crate and crate can be added to the map as a game object . . . like 50 of them in each crate . . . 

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