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*Pensioner* - Official Recruitment Thread.

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    August 20, 2022 9:25 AM PDT

    Hello everyone, this is the forum topic for *Pensioner* everyone who wants to join read the following

    Clan Rules :

    -Must be a reliable and mature person

    -Must have a maximum of 1 clans

    -He has to be a reliable and faithful person

    Show respect to Clan Members, and be faithful to the Group

    If we detect it using some hacker will be expelled from the Clan

    If he made a mistake against our clan or if he breaks any of these rules he will be expelled from the clan

    Required a 1.00 kdr


     - Age :
     - Country :
     - Gender :

    - Clan history and reason why you left your previous clans:
    - From who/where did you hear about us? :

    *- Why do you want to join *Pensioner* ? 
    * - What does loyalty means to you?
    * - What does *Pensioner* clan mean for you ? 
    * - What's your goal with *Pensioner* ? 
    * - What makes you different from others players ?  
    * - What is your weekly play schedule? 
    * - Have you ever played with a member of *Pensioner* ?
    * - Did you read our rules properly and understood them?

    Have a nice day, Loves

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    • 4 posts
    November 30, 2022 7:18 PM PST

    We are back if anyone wants to join us!