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    June 19, 2017 12:31 PM PDT



    We are ILLUMINATI.

    This is a secret society.


    Part of the [Suomi].

    Founded 19.6.2017.

    Multiclaning is allowed.


    If you want to be officer you must be member of [Suomi].

    Grand Master :Number 0

    Exorcist :Number 51

    Exorcist :Number 12

    Exorcist :Number 47

    Exorcist :Number 20

    Exorcist :Number 86

    Tactical Advisor :Number 63

    Jedi :Number 2


    Clan Rules:

    1.You must be loyal and respectful to ILLUMINATI and Grand Master.

     2.You must be respectful and loyalty to ILLUMINATI Officer.

     3.Be friendly.

     4.When you have only one bullet,use it wisely.

     5.Have Fun.

     6.If you mock Grand Masrter, you will probably kicked out of the ILLUMINATI.


    Not military.

    Half military.



    Important Day:

    New World Order


    Info about real ILLUMINATI.





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