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Mostly every issue about the game.

  • Eve
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    May 10, 2023 10:42 AM PDT

    Warmerise has a lot of problems, so I want to address most of them. It will be split into 3 sections, namely being: Bugs/Issues, Suggestions and finally inconveniences. I just want to mention as well that a lot of these are indeed my personal opinion but I also ask that you try to understand my point of view on these things and understand how and why I feel the way about them. And please feel free to post your own personal opinions and thoughts you might have. Also one last thing, Max I know I've been rude and disrespectful and misbehaved before when I made forums about issues, and I want to apologize for those.

    Bugs and issues

    - Spawn Protection, currently it's bugged to where people who survived a previous round will spawn without the shield. But it has a issue and I will get to that a bit later.

    - Ladders, they are pretty bugged, when you move past a ladder it will "hook" you onto the ladder because it thinks you're trying to climb it. It also has the other issue of getting stuck in ladders and when you jump on a ladder, in some cases you will just fall to the floor, and will prevent you from climbing the ladder until you back away and go back towards it. A notable issue is that ladders on Area 56, sometimes you go through them and you get stuck at the top because your head pushes against the bottom of the floor. This happens elsewhere too but it's rarer.

    - When using scoped weapons and croutching then standing up (without unscoping), it messes with the location the bullet comes from, the bullet will then hit the railings instead of going over like it should, but simply unscoping and rescoping fixes the issue. It is caused somewhere between croutching while scoped, I think when you uncroutch it doesn't reset the position the bullet comes from because you didn't unscope as well?

    - Sometimes you cannot shoot after running, after running there seems to be a delay before you are allowed to shoot, the problem is sometimes you let go of shift and are not running anymore and it still prevents you from shooting. I can't seem to guess what causes this but many players have experienced this bug.

    - L115A3 is bugged, while unscoped sometimes the bullet either goes sideways, or straight up or straight down. I do not have a guessable explanation for this as well, since it only happens to L115A3, but in rare cases the bullet does go in random directions when firing unscoped (as far as I know, this has never happened while scoped). I have found 1 case of this happening on video, shown here: Notice how when the red player shoots (with L115A3) it suddenly hit the roof? This is the bug.

    - There's a rare bug where people do not take damage? I think it has been reported before but it's where they (and I have experienced this too) were to do 65 65/79 79 or something like that, the enemy I shot would not die? It's odd and I cannot guess why, but even if we do 65 65 65, they won't die. It's weird but maybe you know why?

    - This is an existing and old issue where if you kill someone at the same time as they used a heal from the armoury spot, they will be dead but still counted as alive, it has been reported a lot of times, but a fix for this would gladly be appreciated as many people who cause this bug, do not join spectator and back to their team in order to cause the time to run out, so that they and their team gets another chance.

    - Some recent update has started a bug where even though you held up shield for 1 second or more before approaching a Mine, the Mine would still damage you through the shield. And there is an old issue where even though you pull up shield after Nade was thrown or Mine was placed, you still take full damage. The same happens when running away from one, you still take full damage despite being far away from it.


    - Team collision and enemy collision causes problems, it would be nice if players didn't count as walls and if we can walk through teammates and enemies as well as shoot through teammates. The issue is that teammates can block you by standing in doors, or in a tight tunnel. And can sometimes move infront of you and block your shot, it's understandable towards realism but it's more of an annoying thing rather than a cool feature.

    - Shield spamming has become a big issue recently where people would constantly pull it out to avoid damage, my suggestion on this would be to add a cooldown to it. Making it use energy just further worsens the energy problem.

    - On that subject, energy usage is crazy. It gets used up so fast that most of the time you can't go to where the fight is in time, and when you do get there, you do not even have enough energy to jump or run. What would help is if Grav ammo was brought back, making it use enegy has unbalanced grav, it is now unlimited usage. Restore grav ammo and making energy deplete slower and making jumps use a little less energy will solve the issue of not having enough energy in ~80% of the fights you take, and many players experience the issue of not having enough energy.

    - Breakable objects should have a feature to be disabled when creating the map, it is a nice feature but it is pretty uncalled for. 

    - Chat Spam and Censorship, this is a rough one. When having normal conversations, the character limit means you have to send 2-3 messages just to say something long, now I know this is a shooter game and not social media, but it does get annoying when you try to communicate with your team, or a friend only to get an absurd 30 second cooldown. And also that half of the actually innocent words get falsely censored due to a flaw in the censorship algorithm. I suggest making it a setting. Look, we can block players anyway, just add a spam sensorship that censors things like "dfg" "dfssdf" "safasf" spam, but not long and quick messages like "hi " "how are you doing?" "haven't seen you in a long time" this is where the chat cooldown becomes annoying. So a setting to filter chat spam or not would be appreciated, and if someone is actually spamming long messages with the setting disabled, we can just block them. The same goes for censorship, it should be enabled by default and maybe require a confirmation ehm.ail to disable, but let this be a thing so that people who are older and can see swearing, can talk without their words being falsely censored because of a unintended flaw.

    - Bullet speed is pretty slow, it would be nice if it can be made faster. I don't mean to make everything hitscan, but at least a 20%-30% increase in bullet speed would be nice as it would remove some of the luck factor needed in some cases of longer range shooting.

    - Screenshake when taking damage is a little severe, it has been reduced compared what it was before, but I feel like it's still a little too strong, maybe decreasing it a little, or keeping it as is but making it not shake your crosshair would be nice. Since it causes you to miss shots if you shot just as the screen were to shake from taking damage.

    - Jumping in the air to prevent fall damage, this was a bug I assume but, it was something we all used because it was convinient, we didn't want to walk down a long straircase just to get to the bottom, it would be nice to bring this back because it was something that was appreciated and did no harm.

    - During a new round, the player cannot move for 3 seconds, this is nice because it gives you time to settle yourself before starting, however it also gives you time to aim at someone's head and Spawnkill them, I suggest to also lock the cursor along with movement during these 3 seconds, so that no one can even aim at anyone during those 3 seconds.

    - Default weapons(Primary, Secondary and Additionals) should be possible to disable when disabling weapons in private rooms, with the exception that at least 1 gun must always be allowed and that the game will not allow you to deselect everything, simply greying it out when it's the only option left. On that note, it opens up to things like pistols only, and another suggestion I want to add is. We got melee mode, can we also get a Sniper only mode as well? That's like melee only except only Snipers.

    - There's a huge delay with the game, and I know that it cannot be fixed because no one will ever get a good ping because of how far we live from the servers, but is it possible to at least narrow it down to some extent? Also on that note there is an issue where if someone "owns" a room, and they alt tab to another application, their ping will spike and the whole room will hang, no one will die from damage, or simply the next round takes seconds to start, is it possible to have checks that always moves the room to the person with the most consistent internet connection to avoid room lag?

    - Finally we have RPG and Additional spam, I suggest either drop it down to 1 or 2, and add a 5 or so second cooldown, however in large teams, there would still be a huge wave of additionals flying your way. I know many many love them, but I hate them. Here's why, M67 simply cannot be dodged, it is so fast that if someone throws it at your face, the human reaction time combined with high ping just makes it near impossible to pull up Shield in time(Which not everyone pays for because 1500 per day is a lot). Trap mines and Nades have the issue where even if you run away or pull up shield, you still take full damage. And on that note there is the extremely annoying and in my opinion pathetic way where one is able to throw a nade or place a mine right on you and run away, and upon you trying to run away from it or pull up Shield to not take damage, you still take full damage. Additional spam is not fun, it ruins the game for me and it's extremely cheap imo. I just dislike them a lot.


    - Recently there has been a surge of players who use Lag Switchers and Aimbots, what are your plans against this?

    - Players and their previous names, I know I've suggested this before and to some extent it was added, but it could simply be hidden by a private profile or paying an extra 50k. What I meant was I wanted something like a dropdown next to someones name, that cannot be hidden by a private profile or paying 50k. Look, anonymity is great, but this game is too toxic for that, you have people changing their names and being toxic, and we all wonder "who is this person?" after they changed their name. It would be nice to have this information as public so that people cannot change their name to be toxic, or pretend to be someone else. And if that does get added, why not add it for alt accounts as well? If the game detects that you logged in under multiple users, it will display those account names under the drop down as well, and will show this user, their previous names, and any other account they logged into. I get that you (Max) or players might want this private, but like with how toxic everyone is, we must know. I know some players (notably Chronospectrum and Sterben99) have suggested to just find someones numerical profile ID, but this does not help to do it now, after they have already changed their names many times or made many alt acc's. 

    - When driving around in a Humvee, it is pretty annoying for the camera to auto correct itself to the center of the Humvee, could it possibly have a setting to enable/disable the auto correction?

    - The box to input custom values is inconsistent, you have to click inside the menu but outside of the box to take it out of focus, and it is weirdly annoying, can it be improved to do something like unfocus if you press enter or if you click anywhere on screen?

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  • MSI
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    May 10, 2023 11:38 PM PDT
    i agree everything eve said is right this game need to big update fix whole this things
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  • Eve
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    May 11, 2023 8:49 AM PDT

    Came back to add the following:


    - When being croutched next to a teammate, I assume enemy as well, when you attempt to stand up you'll be blocked by their player model. (I assume this is because players count as walls.) 

    - Guns do cause you to get stuck, especially if they cause this in tight spaces where you cannot go around, maybe make guns not cause collision?

    - The rooms still sometimes get stuck on loading, it will say "Searching Europe..." and be stuck there forever, it takes me a few refreshes before it works. (I have tried clearing Cache but same thing.)

    - Sometimes when making a room or joining ones, the game gets stuck, rare but sometimes happens 2 times in a row and even the loading circle gets stuck. 


    - Dead player bodies have collision, this causes problems where if you walk over them, you suddenly "teleport" up and down as you walk over them. This is troublesome as it causes problems like lifting you out of cover or for example in SecretLab, dead bodies in the vents prevent you from going any further and in rare cases can get you fully stuck in the vent.

    - Some sort of basic crosshair customization would be really appreciated. (Length, Width, Gap, Colour and Opacity.)

    - The performance still seems a bit poor, isn't there a way to cut down a bit on some things like animations, VFX, how far from the player the map gets rendered in full detail, or something like that? Possible to be a setting so that people with more powerful hardware don't get their experience cut down?

    - Melee weapons are way too over the top, I mean they have a pretty far distance, and you can seemingly be killed from furhter away from high ping. They have way too much damage and frankly being insta-kill is too much, Knife would be ok at 51 damage, Katana at 61 or so and Brass Knuckles at ~45.


    - Under red's balcony in SecretLab, it is possible to get stuck on the supports of the fence (the little thicker parts that stick out a little more at the top) can cause you to get stuck. I don't mean to lower the fence, I just mean to remove the collision for the little parts sticking out. 

    - It is way too easy to get stuck in the tunnel linking the top and bottom part of red in SecretLab.

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    May 17, 2023 2:11 AM PDT
    You've spent 20 hours writting a whole damn essay about every problem this game has. That's dedication right there
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    May 17, 2023 3:56 AM PDT

    - Picking up weapons and getting into vehicle are binded to the same key. Maybe bind them to different keys. 

    - Multiple people get sit in the passenger seat of humvee. 

    - Cars get teleported outside the map on vehicle destruction, and don't respawn for a long time (sometimes not at all). Especially evident on maps like TheIsland 2022. 

    - Jet missile curves

    - Dying causes you to leave menues, which could be annoying if you're trying to quickly change settings but get interupted by being killed. 

    - wut is this



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    May 17, 2023 6:56 AM PDT
    Also when you “dodge” a mine you still get hurt. And gravity gun users just sweep through them and waste mines. When I crouch behind a wall, and then someone walks over my mines they blow up. I come out in cover when this happens and I die instead of the player. RPG… realistically, the RPG should blow you up into pieces, but instead it only does around half damage when I knife and katana kills in one shot, when, knifes and katanas should do way less damage to a futuristic soldier with full body gear. EDIT: also, RPG and additional spam should be fixed somehow but not reducing numbers. Like I said a couple times, it should recharge. Also a small goof when the plasma pistol was added, it doesn’t have a description.
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    May 17, 2023 11:17 AM PDT

    I agree with all of this.

  • Eve
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    May 21, 2023 12:52 PM PDT

    Exeller said: You've spent 20 hours writting a whole damn essay about every problem this game has. That's dedication right there

    Why yes, it's still not every issue, there is a LOT more, but yes. And it's me being more desperate than dedicated :)

    Stoplookin9 said:

    - Dying causes you to leave menues, which could be annoying if you're trying to quickly change settings but get interupted by being killed. 


    I 100% agree with this, it is genuinely annoying @Max. The other things he mentioned are indeed issues as well.

    Spacetrooper said: When I crouch behind a wall, and then someone walks over my mines they blow up. I come out in cover when this happens and I die instead of the player.
    This is just you getting extremely unlucky as to run out just as the mine goes off. Everything else you said is usless but knife does need to be nerfed indeed.

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    May 21, 2023 1:34 PM PDT
    How are the others useless?