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[OFFICIAL] Clan War Rules

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    August 10, 2017 5:06 AM PDT

    These rules were created by SnoFlak and revised by me on 8/30/2015

    Warmerise Clan War Rules


    These Rules are Subject to Change at any point in time, keep in mind, rules may be changed due to possible problems the rules may give other clans, players, or any body who wishes to use these rules as a guideline for a match or a duel. Please feel free to leave feedback on what you think should be in the rules.


    1. Player Requirements

    Depending on the clans wants, a clan match must require a team of 3 from both of the teams competing, and no more than 6v6 can count as a clan war, unless played on larger maps, such as Haunt, Snowy Wars, and Base. *Road Racing map is Illegal and wont count towards a win If a player decides to leave half way through the game, that player must be present at the end of the game for it to count as a win for that players clan/team/duel. If this fails to happen, the match will count as a Forfeit. If the player happens to have ping over 200, it is suggested that the player sits that match out, or you find a different room. This can ensure that the other players can play without their enemies teleporting all around the map, and letting them be able to shoot at you with the same accuracy that you have. If a players ping exceeds 300, that player must leave the game, and another player must fill in.


    2. Match Requirements

    Elimination must be the gamemode of choice unless both teams decide to play TDM. 3v3 - 2v2 - 4v4- 5v5- 6v6 - 7v7-8v8 may be played on any map; 9-10 v 9-10 games may be played on the following maps: Any If playing TDM, the first team to reach 100 kills wins. IF ( in rare occasion) the teams manage to both reach 100 kills at the same time, the match can be replayed, and that match will count as a tie.


    3. Weapons Weapons listed in Green are usable, Red, un-usable.

    UMP 40 - Carbine - USP 45 - FlameThrower - L115A3 - Mini-G - Plasma Gun - RPG STG-12 - Blast Gun - G36C- Gravity Gun -Tomahawk

    Warrior Bow - LSMG3- RailRifle - A12 -M67




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