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    September 10, 2019 6:14 PM PDT

    There are some things i want to see in this game and i belive that if these things happen, this game could be great more. Here we go lets start. 

    First of all it can be good if you re-make standalone version of warmerise. 

    My suggestions: 

     Radio (Specific voice or text commands)

     This can be useful for teams when you press certain keys a message just like this must appear in team-chat "I need help" , "I got hit", "Enemy there", "stick together team" and more.  (It can be voice too)

    Assists and End screen

    There should be a place for assists on scoreboard and additionally if you took  someone's half hp and your team mate finished him or her we should see our names like this: SimooN + Player other stuffs (weapon icon etc.) Dead person.

    It can be good if you set winner team's soldiers with some good poses instead of flags. Here is a example:

    Drop weaon feature

    Especially  my team mates say please give me grav, oww i want to use that gun, can i use bow please? etc. If you think a bit it can be fun actually and i belive that this feature can be useful.


    A sword just like this would be good with upgrades. Whoever get upgrades must be able to use that energy sword. 

    We should able see clan logos on scoreboard too

    I had played a game before called nplay this feature comes from that game. Here is the video link this video will make you understand better. (Skip to 1:30).

    New stats similar like this would be good

    P.S My another suggestion is when our fps comes back you should publish this game on steam so you can get more players from there. Add good features to Warmerise i have to say this game fun and when you play with your friends game becomes more fun. 

    * All opinions/ideas are welcome

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