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New Clan (The Afterlife) COMING SOON

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    September 27, 2019 1:56 AM PDT

    Welcome People! Today im making new clan Called the Afterlife so soonly i well make the Clan after shortly BUT  mostly Important i well only add who i need to the clan Such as any player expect i well kick people from clan who broke the rules so heres some Stuff so be careful and keep in mind the rules 

    1.Do not swear or do Personal attack in game or even forum from anywhere

    2.Do not make rage or anything by abusing 

    3.Do not be toxic/Racism

    4.You must be kind and brave enough in fight

    5.check my profile unitl event fight is released Deadline:Until the clan is released

    6.Do not leave your teammates and make sure you have purchased weapons to fight at players enough also protect the leader

    7.Final thing Sky troopers and pro people are allowed

    Image for Picture of clan

    Always Remember Use your tag And if you have Clan cape put it so other members could know what clan you are in

    always put Blue colors And dont forget to be waiting Release Date:Unknown

    warning:Rule Breakers well be kicked from clan Annouce me the breaker

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    September 16, 2020 7:15 AM PDT

    XD Kan me join plz me wil protekt my klan chef bro