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Please help me out xD

So I have about 30K , I have the Plasma and G36.
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  • Avenger782
    Avenger782 I was thinking guys that when I have plasma so why need LSMG3..? o,O ......But nah its semi-auto so when I face someone like upfront, it will be an advantage..... I have G36 and i don't like it much, carbine is much better than it, so if carbine vs LSMG3,...  more
    February 23, 2018
  • witchangel
    witchangel I think, Lsmg is good, already I bought it, and it feels amazing, it needs practise but I think, you will like it.
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  • Shadow1990
    Shadow1990 @Sterben CPW is only good for Burstfire and/or while Sneaing. Otherwise it's really unpreciouse.
    I think G36 play like this, too...
    The Recoil feels stronger than in old Warmerise? (?-2016)
    And I have "loot" the LSMG somtimes and i must say...  more
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  • sunnn
    sunnn Carbine is a very good weapon (auto) but LSMG is very good too, if you're not good with G36 go for Carbine
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