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seany is being toxic

ok so he makes me crying and says to me that he murdured my parents should seany could be banned and never comeback? *btw my parents is still alive its a joke*
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  • Vil3
    Vil3 CJDIAAREHHA go ask your parents if you are old enough for this game, if they say yes you are then tell them what Seany said and see if they still think its ok for you to be on this sight!
    Thu at 9:02 PM
  • Talha
    Talha Says the guy who is scared of the comments of my family and even deleted his poll…
    Fri at 6:29 AM
  • Vil3
    Vil3 Fark off Talha ya grotty little child groomer, I hope you end up in jail ya farking freak!!
    Fri at 6:46 PM
    CJDIA stop spamming my poll
    11 hours ago