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should stamina be buffed or removed?

This game is really slow, and the cheaters are getting on my nerves! I actually want to play a game where it can be easier to avoid all these obstacles like cheaters spammers and farmer abusers.
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    AIRFOXX It's my wish
    January 28
  • Black130
    Black130 i think carbine should be nerved rather then the stamina, imagine you're in a map like theisland2017 that will take for years, if the stamina is removed the grav gun would be op and it will be changed with you shoot it with ammos just like in the past
    January 29 - 1 likes this
  • Vil3
    Vil3 TalpedO doesn't even play this game and when he did play he only learnt how to use knife and left it there ahahahah. He has 0% experience in gaming, he just makes up stories to sound experienced but they make no sense at all. Soooo Cringe !
    January 29
  • Vil3
    Vil3 Its only you that thinks that. TalpedO
    January 29