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Who would win a 1v1 REMAKE

Inesop (zentorno) vs Axiira
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  • Ryusei
    Ryusei Chiter trans vs lag switcher femboi
    January 31
  • DeltaTrooper983
    DeltaTrooper983 depends on whoever is using cheats lol
    February 1
  • EpicTr0ll
    EpicTr0ll inesop has access to the better chits so he would win in a hvh. however the question was who would win without chits so the answer is a draw (they will try to hit each other but miss all shots and the game will never end)
    February 1 - 1 likes this
  • Projectionist
    Projectionist I really cannot see how either use clients to "better" their gameplay, but it's really fair game. Still betting on Axiira.
    February 12