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Well, Even though these new things you would want to add in warmerise, maybe its Possible tho! Even IF the New Owners have no care for this game and the community, Why not give sum ideas? maybe the new owners, or another person that will Buy this game will make the "Warmerise, and the Community Become satisfied by their jobs? i mean.. Whatever. Only them, that knows what to do
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  • foxland2022
    foxland2022 And Aztros, You and your ddog in the profile picture need a bath. y'all stink. -_-
    March 29
  • foxland2022
    foxland2022 If making my Poll looked like the "L" thing you meant lose, you may search another poll that is weaker than this to type the "L" thing. I Only ask for a positive opinion. not to make others feel offended.
    March 29
  • Projectionist
    Projectionist Quite literally, the game has no moderation anymore as far as I'm aware of, and I'm genuinely concerned if Max is even still alive.
    April 11 - 1 likes this
  • foxland2022
    foxland2022 I See..
    April 11