SnakeEyesFists Returns!! :O-Warmerise Gameplay

Posted by AbdulahiAdan22
Basically me returning to my knife skills! Hey guys I'm SnakeEyesFistsGaming and I mostly do warmerise,roblox videos stay tuned for the video tomorrow where I will be talking with my mic. I am really not sure if I will be using my mic tomorrow. Reason:My parents are always talking alot and making noise so I have 2 desks and my dad said he would put one in my room so I could record there.. And my wifi driver is not working for some reason i've tried everything except for 1 thing. Which is open my whole computer and take out the card and put it back in and it should would after. So yes my dad put the desk in my room but I just need the driver too work so I can just connect to my wifi instead of using an ethernet cord. Follow me on Twitter! :D And as always I love you guys make sure to like and subscribe! Sssstay Cool my fellow SSnakes! (Behind camera):"Man I gotta think of a new outro XD"
Posted July 16, 2017
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