Soviet invasion on Poland - 17 Sept 1939

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NOTE: This film celebrates the 71st anniversary of the Soviet invasion on Poland, which was conducted without declaration of war and while Poland was still in a bloody struggle with Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, after **** Germany's attack of the 1st of September, 1939. Results of Soviet agression - the annexion of a half of Polish territory including historical cities of Lwów, Tarnopol, Stanisławów, Wilno or Grodno and annihilation of hundreds thousands of Polish citizens living in that area or deportation deep into Russia of another hundreds thousands -- are the wounds that still divide two nations and do not want to heal. Russia never admitted its crimes against Poland, especially the unbelievably cynical mass-murder of 20.000 of Polish officers in Katyń -- and, what is more -- the contemporary Russian propaganda still more and more manipulates the historical truth with the help of many scientific authorities -- tending to accusing Poland for "aggressive attitude" towards Russia throughout the Polish-Russian history, inevitably resulting in "conflicts" like was "the Katyń affair" (as they call it). In that light often skipped is the question of obvious Russian -- **** collaboration shortly before and during the firts years of World War 2, including infamous Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 26th August, 1939 -- a historical fact, that opened all avenues for ******'s plan of attacking Poland and guaranteed him oil and steel supplies in exchange for the Russian participation in division of Polish territory. Music in my clip illustrates the sequence of the historical events: 1. Warsaw in last few weeks before the war: "Żegnaj, piękny śnie" (Goodbye, Beautiful Dream) sung by Tadeusz Faliszewski acc. by Jan Ławrusiewicz and his Hawaiian Guitar Trio, Syrena-Electro 1931 (Poland) 2. German invasion on Poland on 1st Sept., 1939 and the bombing of Warsaw: Tchaikovsky's 6th Sypmhony (Pathetique) -- Finale, performed by Berliner Philharmoniker cond. by Wilhelm Furtwaengler, Electrola ca 1939 (Germany) 3. Soviet invasion on Poland on 17th Sept, 1939: Boris Godunov (Musorgsky) Vaarlam's Song -- Fyodor Chaliapin, Noginskij Zavod ca 1939 (Russia) 4. The Stalinist "new deal" in annexed territory of Poland: fragment of "The Intarnational" (P.Degelter) played by Polish Army's Gala Orchestra dir. by mjr A.Wiśniewski, Muza ca 1950 (Poland)
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