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You! Yes you, have you heard of the clan Pretty Poisons? No? Well I will surely be the first to tell you what a great clan it is, lots of kind, caring, loyal, hardworking people, leadership is shared much as a republic, as there are presidents and all of us are great friends both in terms of the people in charge, and with all who join, and everyone is welcome :) We accept and help all kinds of people whom join, and we'd love to have you join us. Reasons you are thinking you wouldn't want to join: 1) People are mean or arrogant there: not the case, since we help every member and treat everyone with respect 2) You'd rather be on your own than be in a clan, not necessarily a bad thing to want to be alone, however, if you join I am sure you will have a great time here, and we always help each other out, no matter your skill, no matter were you come from, no matter how old you are, we treat everyone equally, as we are a unique clan full of brothers and sisters alike in arms, as we battle the enemy teams and even practice fighting amongst clan members, in friendly matches. Not only do we help all people and accept all people, but we want to help anyone improve as well, and to feel welcomed as part of the community. This clan stands against all bullies or people who would put you down, and anyone who joins our clan with that mindset will not be here very long, as that is not how to treat people respectfully. 3) I don't like the name, We do not judge people, and if you do not decide to join then we can respect that, however, the name is like a chain that keeps our bond stronger together, and we fight for what's right, and a good future, Shanon, for instance, the leader of this clan, is online to help anyone, just as I, or many of the member of this clan are, and even those who join, or are new, we all help each other, and never leave someone behind is our motto. 4) your clan sucks, We are a clan that is against hate or bullying and we will not tolerate it in our clan but anytime we see this type of interactions between players, and if someone comes in to our clan with this intent, they can expect a kick as a warning, and a ban if they continue to be mean. 5) The requirements? If you click on our page you will see them, however the main one is just to be considerate of others and willing to play some days, as even some of us may have busy lives and that is completely okay if you cannot be on every day, but what matters the most is the time we all get to spend making real friendships and bonds for the years to come. 6) Those are all the main reasons that people would most likely not want to join, but rest assured, we welcome all and many who would like to join us, so please consider this if any passerbyers take the time to read this, much appreciated :)
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    SHANON Omg Sword! Thank you so much! You said every word like you were living the dream, I can't tell you how much I love having you as a friend! :) :) :) :)
    September 21, 2020
  • Quickthefox
    Quickthefox I'll think about it -.-
    September 24, 2020
    SHANON Sounds good :)
    September 24, 2020