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New lukaser69's skins =)

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    June 7, 2020 8:03 AM PDT

    So, good day!

    I will post my old skin updates and new skins on this new forum, simply because I don't want to delete the old one. leave it as a museum. hehe.

    Well, the new skins always stayed for 1 week costing 80 cash after that period they cost 150 for the ''end of time'' lol.

    Hope you like it! :P

    Enjoy! =)


    -VectorX skins: GoldenL69, Texk, Ederv, Redy and CamoL69:



    -GravityGun skins: Texk, Rox, Tatic and CamoL69:

    -Knife Skins: CamoL69, Bluesea, Tralis, Cooper, Rust, Jir, Lara, Texk, Baxy, Lis, Zul and GoldenL69:


    -A12 skins: Tralis, Zul, CamoL69, GoldenL69 and Texk:


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    June 9, 2020 2:59 PM PDT
    Very nice skins bro! What editing software do you usually use?
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    June 9, 2020 4:55 PM PDT

    Thx SirAws, i only know edit 2D, i use befunky!

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    June 29, 2020 8:30 AM PDT

    - Carbine skins: Redy, Lara, Zul, Ederv, Bluesea, Expace, CamoL69, Texk, Vlw, Xover, Elvox, A1, Aquave, Tralis, Sinzax, GoldenL69, Fyrow and Prof.Dr.