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Firefox browser IS NO good for Warmerise !!

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    January 25, 2021 1:27 AM PST

    Have spent literally months trying to determine why playing Warmerise on a Mozilla Firefox web browser was S-O-O-O-O bloody slow that the game literally had become unplayable. Glitchy, juddery screen updates. Absolute rubbish!

    PC spec = i7 intel 3.6GHz processor + 32GB RAM + smarty pants nVidea GeForce RTX 2060 graphics  card.... ... ...

    Tried all the usual things to fix the problem; reducing running PC services to the abs minumum, running no other desktop apps, flushing the prefetch directory etc etc etc. None of it made a blind bit of difference. Was beginning to think it was time to hang up my Warmerise spurs and go back to playing tiddlywinks!

    Had steered clear of all other web browsers in the past cuz of adWare issues but, out of desperation, thought l'd give Google Chrome a whirl.

    The difference was gob smackingly amazing! Silky smooth graphics, absolutely NO performance issues whatsoever even while playing Warmerise in parallel with a dozen other processor intensive apps. Bliss!

    My plan now is to use Chrome only to play Warmerise and adFree Firefox for all other web browsing activities.

    Just thought l'd share the above info with you all. Hopefully, it'll be of use to anybody else out there that's having their game styled crippled by Firefox stupidity!


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    January 26, 2021 5:56 PM PST

    Then don't use Firefox


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    January 26, 2021 5:57 PM PST

    and who tf uses an i7 and a rtx 2060 to play waremise????????????????????/

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    January 26, 2021 9:50 PM PST


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    March 6, 2021 7:20 AM PST

    Brave or operagx

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    March 8, 2021 6:53 AM PST

    wtf edge

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    March 8, 2021 8:08 AM PST

    Edge is worst one

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    March 8, 2021 8:09 AM PST


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    March 8, 2021 8:13 AM PST

    Edge isn't even so that good.

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    March 8, 2021 9:26 AM PST
    I recommend Internet Explorer for optimal performance.
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    March 8, 2021 10:11 AM PST

    Vigilante said: I recommend Internet Explorer for optimal performance.

    I agree

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    March 8, 2021 11:02 AM PST

    alt title: dont use the browser with a oversimplified logo to play warmerise

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    April 5, 2021 12:13 AM PDT

    Who even uses Firefox for browser games? Use Chrome for browser game related stuff and Firefox for surfing the web

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    April 8, 2021 5:54 AM PDT

    dude Fire fox is for boomers ._.