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|[TR.WAR]| Always Killer's ツ.

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    April 28, 2018 3:37 AM PDT


    2014 - 2018   Official Clan :) 


     The clan strives towards equality and being efficient, demanding hard work and dedication from it’s members.

    Our mission at TRWAR clan is to sustain and promote good gaming, loyalty and honesty in always. 


    No Trolling - Do not troll anyone, as it violents the code of TRWAR
    No Multi- Clannig - Do not be in any clans in TRWAR.
    No Sharing Information - Do not share any private.
    No Spamming - Please do not spam the clan threat.

    Registration Process –create an account on the TRWAR forum and 
    request to be added into the usergroup for applicants
    Introduction Process – present yourself to the clan, stay active 
    on the forum and play games with us, get to know your possible future clanmates and try your best to befriend them
    Application Process – write a proper, original application following 
    the format specified on the forum, do not attempt to steal from other applicants
    Waiting Period – patiently wait for the clan to decide and
    consider your application, do not disturb or question any members about your application as it lowers your chances of being accepted

    ►Warmerise Profile:
    ►Best Map:
    ►Best Gun:
    ►Where Are You From?:
    ►Why Join TR.WAR Clan?
    ►Do you have anything left today before you post your application(Optional)?

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    Nice Forum TheForever

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    IDonalcK said:

    Nice Forum TheForever

    Thanks Brother  :)