Clan/Group Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan to avoid conflicts.
  • 9 members led by iZyQs
    You need to be good/decent with SniperGuns.
    2+ kdr if i dont know you
  • 15 members led by SpiirooN
  • 56 members led by zilomh635yt
    a group made up of snipers and other types when you join leave which is you best weapon out of all of them
  • 4 members led by Faerie
    Only chance to join this clan is to be friends with me I guess?
  • 122 members led by VNtphcm
    a strong cold-blooded assassin is not afraid to surrender to the danger and is one of the best things to do is accompanied by a perfect killing machine which makes the character more dangerous

    for everyone from home and abroad and have fun hard :)
  • 34 members led by Aki
  • 7 members led by swrd
    Sağlam oyuncuları bekleriz...
  • 83 members led by Puppy
    Hey people! My name is Puppy and I have started this clan to achieve the goal of creating a great community within Warmerise. There are no barriers to entry besides being a nice person. Hop in the game and play with fellow [n00b] members, don't forget to ...  more
  • 25 members led by Yuman111
    Clan rules:
    _Be fairplayer
    _ NEVER insult other players
    _Don't bully...  more
  • 35 members led by Steellac
    Hey ! Clan Français pour la détente ! La Bisounours est une Team sympa ^^

    Hum.. Encore une dernière chose, "Never Say Never".

    I|I La Bisounours I|I : Créé le 20/11/19 à 14:49 en France.