Clan Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Clan Name, Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Clan Names, Profile Pictures or Descriptions
- No Copying / Impersonating other Clan Names, Descriptions or Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan, to avoid conflicts. Clans that repeatedly break the rules will be removed.
  • 190 members led by xSJHOOter
    Welcome to the clan make sure to follow the rules and we do not tolerate any kinds of fighting and inappropriate post we do sometimes send g **** if we have
  • 84 members led by whynot94
    We are Hidden Ghosts that approach our enemies without letting them know. It's a secret you won't figure out unless you join us. From now on, everyone that isn't in our clan will be in danger, and don't blame anyone but yourself. Prepare yourself to the n...  more
  • 90 members led by xKittyx
    I Dont Care About Kdr :D Join if You Want :D
  • 24 members led by Gaara81112
    Anyone can join!

    We will disintegrate our enemies to ASHES! And if they strike first we will be reborn from our ASHES!

  • 25 members led by ESD8864
    A clan made for the Chinese Gamer.

    This clan was made for gamers who can speak Chinese and Chinese people/gamer .
    ...  more
  • 27 members led by ahmede215
    for fun enjoy
  • 50 members led by ESD8864
    This clan is only for people/players who like anime to join!

    Conditions for joining this clan:
    1) You must be a person who likes watching anime and an anime lover...  more
  • 71 members led by wha5up
    We are all rebels at heart, and we all need a Mockingjay to fight for a cause. May you be that Mockingjay! There is only one thing you need to join! You need to be nice to your team members!

  • 170 members led by Pakistan786
    My cat Pepsi said:: "Meow meow, meow meow.!" O_O
  • 51 members led by TinyDabb
    Pursue your dreams!