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clan rules

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    January 26, 2021

    Clan rules for the clan ~[The Avengers]~ (clan no. 822)

    preliminary rules
    These rules are the rules which can be broken twice if they are broken more than twice the officers or the owner can kick the accused person.
    1. greed for ****:- as in the group the owner can give anyone **** in case of emergency only and they have to pay it back and the maximum **** limiit is 10k and you can only ask for **** once in 3 months.This only applies if the leader is online but he is is mostly offline these days and you are only allowed to ask for **** if he is online.

    2. Toxicness:-toxicness is not allowed in this clan. 

    important rules
    These are the rule which cannot be broken and if they are the person is kicked immediately.
    1. Innapropiate content/language :- innapropriate content is not acceptable in this clan and the accused person is kicked immediately.

    2.  Discrimination and stereotyping- Things like teasing people with low ranks are not allowed in this clan


    NOTE:- I am not an official law maker and these are all the laws I can think of if you think there should be some other rules feel free to share it and this clan is just for fun and there are no stict rules like in andromeda you can be free to post anything like skins or acchievements in this clan.All the members of the clan are requested to send a friend request the owner of the clan and the all the other officers.

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    April 5, 2021

    ok killercombat (my friend) can u tell me wat does "stereotyping" mean??? i do not hear dis word and never know dis meaning b4 so ye can u tell me a meaning of "stereotyping"? im too lazy to go to google and read i just only like it in warmerise to read a meaning word

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    April 5, 2021

    ummm.... stereotyping means arriving to a cocnclusion about people without knowing anything about them.