• Superhuman

    Aim for 2nd?

    Posted by Superhuman Mon at 5:35 PM - 57 votes - 62 views
  • UDKfranck2

    would you like this?

    Posted by UDKfranck2 Mon at 4:01 PM - 15 votes - 26 views
    Would you like that when you spend a year in this game, Max will give each of you 10,000 ****?
  • Thelaw123


    Posted by Thelaw123 Mon at 3:35 PM - 15 votes - 24 views
    Will i make it to 100 followers or stop at 50

    Who is the more toxic ?

    Posted by KAZOURICHUU Mon at 9:35 AM - 75 votes - 74 views
    Who are the more toxic ? I stoped to be toxic . He continue . so who ?
  • julien0320

    My first poll

    Posted by julien0320 Mon at 8:32 AM - 7 votes - 33 views
    what video game do you prefer?
  • vhgarcia3

    what do you put first

    Posted by vhgarcia3 Mon at 6:22 AM - 23 votes - 29 views
    What do you put first milk then the cereal or the cereal then the milk? ¿Qué pones primero la leche luego el cereal o el creal luego la leche?
  • Q36378r

    who would you save?

    Posted by Q36378r Mon at 6:13 AM - 14 votes - 27 views
    intense poll
  • oopsnghe

    rap guestion

    Posted by oopsnghe January 24 - 4 votes - 30 views
    who are best rapper of vietnam
  • SilentGamer

    New Modern City

    Posted by SilentGamer January 24 - 36 votes - 36 views
    Do you like the new update of Modern City map?
  • xDOGGIEx

    Who do you save?

    Posted by xDOGGIEx January 24 - 26 votes - 39 views
    You are a firefighter, you are in a burning building, and you realize that your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and your mom(or dad whoever you like more) is in that building but you can only save one! who do you save, ( remember this is going to stay on your mind for the rest of your life, on whether you made the right choice or not, trust me I know how it feels to question if you did everything you co