• xSavageNinja

    EpicTr0ll and his amoorr Paula are Toxic

    Posted by xSavageNinja April 11 - 35 votes - 260 views
    these guys have been so toxic to me and so many other people. He trolls everyone in my friends so mean and toxic. He keeps telling me and his gf or wife or wtvr that I suok I keep telling them to 1v1 me and they keep ignoring, when they finaly diceded they 3v1 and telling me i suok even if 3v1. he keeps making fun of my new clan I just made. fuok them I hate them all and their stpd clan Aphrodites
  • xSplinter

    vote on a ****** miger

    Posted by xSplinter April 10 - 7 votes - 80 views
    migera need to hack because black! give this kid a cure to cencer once and for all or no?
  • xSavageNinja

    What Should I Buy?

    Posted by xSavageNinja April 9 - 21 votes - 110 views
    I have about 40k savings. What should I do?!?!?!?
  • Kyushu

    The Best Player in The History Of Warmerise

    Posted by Kyushu April 5 - 69 votes - 370 views
  • pokemonster

    CPW=Basically Secondary Blastgun

    Posted by pokemonster April 4 - 8 votes - 10 views
    Their damage is pretty close and they cost the exact same. Their fire rate and recoil are exactly the same and the CPW has only slightly higher bullet spread.
  • PBVN

    Who makes their own tacos?

    Posted by PBVN April 3 - 5 votes - 30 views
    I do and it's worth it!!! get your ground beef and lawry's taco seasoning and sour cream of course
  • yourmom123455638

    weapon price

    Posted by yourmom123455638 April 2 - 15 votes - 90 views
    are weapons too expensive
  • Player380

    Couch politicians

    Posted by Player380 March 29 - 10 votes - 40 views
    Will there be a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the near future?
  • foxland2022

    For All Players!

    Posted by foxland2022 March 27 - 10 votes - 110 views
    Well, Even though these new things you would want to add in warmerise, maybe its Possible tho! Even IF the New Owners have no care for this game and the community, Why not give sum ideas? maybe the new owners, or another person that will Buy this game will make the "Warmerise, and the Community Become satisfied by their jobs? i mean.. Whatever. Only them, that knows what to do
  • foxland2022

    What should i buy next?

    Posted by foxland2022 March 22 - 9 votes - 120 views
    I cant decide. Can you help me decide what i should buy next?