• acbd2134

    50k and 100k giveaway

    Posted by acbd2134 January 23 - 17 votes - 101 views
    so basically to get 50k you have to send 6k and if you want the 100k send 8k I am making this a challenge for you guys and thought it would be a fun thing you guys have 10 hours to do so.
  • acbd2134

    I need 8k

    Posted by acbd2134 January 22 - 7 votes - 59 views
    I need 8k because I am very poor and I need new weapons. if u said yes say pissarools in the chat
  • a4771

    another 1k giveaway

    Posted by a4771 January 22 - 14 votes - 88 views
    starting this one early since... idk get this to 10 likes for it to start
  • vince14

    Pick One

    Posted by vince14 January 21 - 6 votes - 46 views
  • PBVN


    Posted by PBVN January 21 - 6 votes - 136 views
    would you eat these until you crap?
  • vince14

    Which is better?

    Posted by vince14 January 20 - 15 votes - 63 views
  • acbd2134


    Posted by acbd2134 January 20 - 5 votes - 34 views
    can anybody give me 5k? if u can send a friend request and tell me in the chat.
  • PizzaMan

    Which "TheIsland" is better?

    Posted by PizzaMan January 19 - 15 votes - 52 views
    Which TheIsland Maps (created by I3slkiller and dimak07) is better in your opinion?
  • a4771

    1k giveaway

    Posted by a4771 January 19 - 13 votes - 162 views
    just comment to join
  • Xotiic


    Posted by Xotiic January 19 - 10 votes - 65 views
    Should i grind to get to a good rank and become good to join clan |[Savage]| or should i try to make my clan |[Porsche]| pro clan. PS im not gonna leave jdi im loyal towards my clan.