• rmouh

    what outo buy

    Posted by rmouh June 19 - 22 votes - 8 views
    pls vot
  • rmouh

    why me buy later

    Posted by rmouh June 19 - 19 votes - 9 views
    vot pls
  • JeuxVoidz

    Need this for my clan name

    Posted by JeuxVoidz June 19 - 7 votes - 5 views
  • trooper

    im done

    Posted by trooper June 18 - 1 vote - 0 views
    im making a new profile
  • Raith

    Warmerise Or Rush Team?

    Posted by Raith June 17 - 3 votes - 9 views
    Check out my discord! https://discord.gg/DZFhydB Rush Team: BROKEN AF, But Good Weapon Selection. Warmerise: Some Bad Maps, SPEND MONEY OR LEAVE.
  • roque

    50% Off

    Posted by roque June 17 - 8 votes - 10 views
    Earning enough credits to purchase an item can take forever and can be patience straining, frustrating, and to some players it can be enraging. The prices are so high that sometimes earring enough credits, and saving them, seems impossible. Quite a few people have ceased to play this awesome game at all, or give in and spend real money on credits. For this reason I am suggesting that all prices on
  • roque

    50% Off

    Posted by roque June 17 - 7 votes - 9 views
    Weapons, capes, and other items are so expensive that it can take a player moths or maybe even years to earn enough credits to purchase any one of them. Trying to earn enough credits to buy something you want can be very frustrating, patience straining and to some it can be enraging. To to those of you who feel this way, don't get stressed, just vote "Yes."
  • xFusion

    AirWolf vs xPsycho

    Posted by xFusion June 17 - 58 votes - 106 views
  • SilvestrasLt2013

    Do you know State of decay?

    Posted by SilvestrasLt2013 June 16 - 3 votes - 3 views
    State of decay has got 4 versions: 1. State of decay (original) 2. State of decay: Lifeline 3. State of decay: Breakdown 4. State of decay; Year-One Edition By the way it has got a new part!: State of decay 2!
  • Xarfun

    What sould I buy?

    Posted by Xarfun June 16 - 9 votes - 9 views
    I want to buy a new weapon,but I dont know,which. First I wanted the Carbine,but now,I think,I need more expensive weapons.