• artem228

    what should I save for?

    Posted by artem228 January 28 - 7 votes - 70 views
  • Blake123

    Cash for Trip mine

    Posted by Blake123 January 24 - 5 votes - 80 views
    I need 4.5 cash for trip mine so I will even take spare change.
  • Glitchmaster

    15-20k giveaway

    Posted by Glitchmaster January 23 - 14 votes - 250 views
    wsp guys so im buying 600k cazh tmr OR day after tmr to buy all the weapons in wamerise and i calculated and ill still have 20-25k left so im doing giveaway for it !Comment to participate! !The money will be split by the number of ppl who r participating so if 20 ppl comment im giving 1k to each!
  • Pleyer543

    had shot

    Posted by Pleyer543 January 22 - 11 votes - 90 views
  • foxland2022

    I Wanna try make a new map

    Posted by foxland2022 January 19 - 3 votes - 90 views
    But are u sure GitHub is safe for mah 10 Windows Laptop? i searched gulugulu they say it is not secure but can be made through the use of tools and best practices. i am scared if there will be viruses in my laptop when i download it ;-;. Are you sure it is safe?
  • a4771

    49k giveaway

    Posted by a4771 January 19 - 13 votes - 340 views
    comment to join
  • foxland2022

    New Mode?

    Posted by foxland2022 January 18 - 2 votes - 70 views
    Shouuld we need a new mode? WeLL idk if the New Owner Would make it but You.. Warmerise Community! Are you tired of this Modes and it is Boring? But if you dont want more Modes iss okeh! :v these are my Suggestion if ya want a new mode.. Or New Smth else..
  • Jerry6Us

    who would win a 1v1

    Posted by Jerry6Us January 17 - 10 votes - 90 views
  • Kyushu

    Who would win a 1v1

    Posted by Kyushu January 17 - 20 votes - 160 views
    Phantasma vs Xeyal
  • KSUD

    Lottery for the change of date for the start of the tournament

    Posted by KSUD January 15 - 10 votes - 70 views
    No lottery or there was no lottery date change