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    Calendering Process Of Salt Bath Curing Line

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    The mixing process of the salt bath curing line is divided into three stages, that is, the roll (softening stage with raw rubber added), eating powder (mixing stage with adding powder), and refining (after eating powder, the raw rubber and compounding agents are uniformly dispersed. Stage). The mixing of the open mill is different according to the type, use and performance of the rubber, and the
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    Which gun i should buy?

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    Traditional Cup Seal Label

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    Application area Daily chemical industry Self-adhesive labels are now widely used in the daily chemical industry. It is understood that at present, domestic chemical products use more than 30% of self-adhesive labels as cup seal labels. According to statistics, the current domestic market still maintains rapid growth in the daily chemical industry and gains more For a wide range of applications,
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    Which name do you prefer

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    was tun

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    Bullet Force vs Warmerise who will win? Closed

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    How To Use Rubber Extruder

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    The function of the rubber extruder is to use heat, pressure and shear to transform solid plastics into a uniform melt and send the melt to the next process. Melt production involves the mixing of additives such as color masterbatches, resin blending, and repulverization. The finished melt must be uniform in concentration and temperature. The pressure must be large enough to squeeze out the viscou
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    Noobs List

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    TrapMine or TomaHawk

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