• FireZorro

    SkyTrooper .... ??

    Posted by FireZorro May 12 - 17 votes - 24 views
    I was saying by warmer that I would buy the SkyTrooper but is it really worth it if I buy a Tomahawk?
  • CrowHead

    Deleted old account(?)

    Posted by CrowHead May 11 - 10 votes - 26 views
    I used to have an account, i started with it 6 years ago, and i remember i had this username called Skrillex and a numver, and after of years without playing i came back but i couldnt find my account, do you know if they could have deleted it?
  • Zack500raw

    Will Pantera continue to not show the scoreboard?

    Posted by Zack500raw May 10 - 6 votes - 23 views
    Pantera and i have had a duel 1 vs 1 and i beat him fair and square but after i left and played the game later, he told me that he won. I was baffled, why would he say this but he tells me that he has screenshots of him winning. I later found out that after i left he switched teams and took screenshots. But of all the screenshots he does NOT show the SCOREBOARD because it would expose him because
  • alaba123


    Posted by alaba123 May 10 - 1 vote - 0 views
  • Skully


    Posted by Skully May 9 - 3 votes - 6 views
  • SpaghettiSouls

    HEY! YOU!

    Posted by SpaghettiSouls May 9 - 14 votes - 19 views
    Ya smoke weed?
  • VeteranoCP1

    ¿Cual es mejor?

    Posted by VeteranoCP1 May 8 - 17 votes - 14 views
    Cual es la mejor arma entre estas que verán a continuación, también si quieren dejen comentarios bien zhuculentoz 7w7 xD
  • Totz


    Posted by Totz May 8 - 19 votes - 18 views
  • Nathastela

    Actually no

    Posted by Nathastela May 7 - 9 votes - 26 views
    How do you kill an emu?
  • xFusion

    What am I?

    Posted by xFusion May 6 - 32 votes - 25 views