• Projectionist

    Which should I aim for?

    Posted by Projectionist February 12 - 12 votes - 270 views
    I'm having a dilemma: I can't pick which to grind for first.
  • FSociety

    New Mods

    Posted by FSociety February 11 - 9 votes - 110 views
    r u here? tf
  • SUVO

    What is Your Favorite Map.

    Posted by SUVO February 3 - 33 votes - 150 views
    Did you ever wonder in which map did you gained the most xp in the less time. Or, which map did make you the most happy. Or Which Map could the best for play with your friendsd.
  • foxland2022

    Should we start a Demonstration ?

    Posted by foxland2022 February 2 - 5 votes - 120 views
    Ehem.. The reason i asked this question, is.. well, i dont want this game to be DED. also, YESH i knowh that Demonstration is a negative activity that can cause problems. A BIG BIG BIG WAR D: And i came back, as you know i actually quited before. to restart my memory.. (Amnesia a lil bit. ONLY A LIL BIT) I'mma continue at da comment. Read comment before u misunderstanding things.
  • davidghost2121


    Posted by davidghost2121 February 2 - 17 votes - 110 views
    should i return my gravity gun for another gun
  • Samvel2024YoutubeGaming

    who wants to grind cash?

    Posted by Samvel2024YoutubeGaming January 30 - 45 votes - 180 views
    grinding for cash
  • Glitchmaster

    15-20k giveaway continuation (maybe)

    Posted by Glitchmaster January 30 - 13 votes - 220 views
    ok so few days ago i made a 15-20k giveaway and i canceled it bcz when i was buying the cazh it only made me use paypal and i dont have paypal bc i canceled my paypal acc. so today imma try it out again to see if my paypal acc works or create a new one, and it if works, im buying 250k cazh, and im giving 15-20k. forget theres only a CHANCE it works. comment to participate
  • Kyushu

    Who would win a 1v1 REMAKE

    Posted by Kyushu January 29 - 17 votes - 220 views
    Inesop (zentorno) vs Axiira
  • artem228

    what should I save for?

    Posted by artem228 January 28 - 7 votes - 70 views
  • Blake123

    Cash for Trip mine

    Posted by Blake123 January 24 - 5 votes - 150 views
    I need 4.5 cash for trip mine so I will even take spare change.